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Starting a Home Dropship Business & Don’t Know What to Sell?


dropship productsAre you in the first stages of trying to start a home dropship business and stymied about what products to sell?

This is a very important aspect of your ecommerce business, so it is wise to take your time and be sure to choose a niche and product/s that will be good performers for you. If you don’t do the necessary research before choosing a niche, you could sink your home business before it leaves the dock, so proceed with caution!

First of all, let’s clarify one major point: Forget everything you have ever heard about only selling things you have a “passion” for. This is hogwash, basically. Yes, it would be nice to be passionate about the products you sell, but it certainly isn’t necessary.

Passion is a rather overworked word these days. Everywhere you look, you see people who are “passionate” about this, that and the other. Suddenly, even mundane, ho hum, run of the mill things are inspiring passion in people. For example, you might advertise for someone to type a transcript of a book and get applicants who claim to be passionate about typing.

Really? Typing? (This is a true story.)

Look at it this way. You may adore oysters and absolutely love them---fried, baked or on the half shell. But, if you went to work in an oyster house that served nothing but oysters and you ate them every day for a while, don’t you think that passion would begin to wane? Of course it would!

It is the same thing with dropship products. Even if you start out being passionate about a particular product, after a while it will eventually be more of a way to make a living than something you could wax poetic about for hours on end….and that’s as it should be. If you want to be passionate about something connected with your dropship business, be passionate about making money!

Now, here are a few tips to help you choose your home dropship business products wisely:

  • Consider a niche that has a ton of accessories and correlating products. For example, let’s say you are selling dog beds and a shopper adds a bed to his/her cart. Now you can show the shopper other dog products. This is a fantastic way to increase sales because (a) you’re pitching the sale to someone who is already in “buying mode” and (b) chances are that someone who needs a dog bed might need leashes, collars, toys and so on. Remember, with dropshipping you don’t have to buy inventory up front, so you can sell as many products as you like!

  • We’ve squelched the question of your personal passion when it comes to your dropship niche, but if you pander to the passions of others you will land on your feet and make a lot of sales and money. Think hobbyists, for instance. Many of these folks really are passionate about their hobby and will buy scads of things for it. You might look at quilting supplies, scrap booking, sports cards and many other hobbies.

  • Consider selling products that fall in the legendary sales “sweet spot.” Generally speaking, this is within the $100 to $200 range. If you sell items that cost more than this, you may run into much heavier customer service as shoppers tend to want to actually speak with someone before pulling the trigger on the deal. That’s fine if you have 24 hour live support, but most ecommerce entrepreneurs with home businesses don’t have that.

  • Another good dropship product niche is items that people buy repeatedly. This covers a lot of territory. For example, it might be household cleaning supplies, health and beauty products or all sorts of other things we all buy and use up and buy again. And again. And again. You get the idea. This is a wonderful way to build a great repeat customer base, too! Use these ideas to choose a good niche for your home dropship business products and get started today!

Use these ideas to choose a good niche for your home dropship business products and get started today!  Check out dropship source to get started.


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