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6 Secrets to Selling More Dropship Products on eBay

6 secrets dropship salesWould you like to know the 6 secrets to selling more dropship products on eBay?

Read on and get the low down on what it takes to rev up eBay dropshipping sales!

Some people mistakenly believe that selling on eBay is different than other types of sales. In a way, this is true, because there are some unique do’s and don’ts that are all part and parcel of selling on eBay, one of the two largest online marketplaces in the world today. (Amazon is Number One, sorry eBay.)

Since eBay is an auction site, there are fundamental differences. That being said, there is a Buy It Now option that allows for instant, flat out sales instead of waiting for an auction to play out. Now let’s take a look at the 6 important secrets to boosting eBay dropship sales, bearing in mind that when all is said and done, the principles of success with sales on eBay are the same as any other ecommerce endeavor.

1. Have a niche product with a high enough demand that you get plenty of viewers and potential buyers. Regardless of platform or type of sales, it all comes down to supply and demand. If there is a great demand for something and you supply that demand, you will almost certainly be successful. But, if you make a poor choice when it comes to a niche and try to peddle something on eBay that virtually nobody wants---you are doomed to failure.

2. Have a fantastic title. Your title is your first line of communication with shoppers on eBay, along with your gallery image, so it needs to be eye catching and make people want to click through and actually read your listing. It also needs to use keywords wisely in order for the eBay search engine, Cassini, to pick it up and put it where it belongs. Romance your title! For instance, which sounds better: “Used Cell Phone” or 4G iPhone with All the Bells & Whistles Works Great”? You get the idea.

3. Give an excellent description. This is your chance to tell someone everything they need to know about your dropship product in order to make a buying decision. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs lose sales because they fail to provide enough info about their item. Online shoppers rely on your images and description to furnish sufficient information and enable them to decide whether to buy or not. You can use the descriptions from your wholesale product source, but if you really want to make more sales on eBay---write your own!

4. Use the free marketing tools provided by eBay. There is a Markdown Manager, for instance. Plus you can send out marketing emails to subscribers, showcase your newly listed or favorite items, and much more. These tools can be very beneficial in helping you make sales!

5. Use good images and have enough of them to show your products to their best advantage. For example, if you are selling plus size lingerie, try to show the front, back, side and close up views so that shoppers are able to really see and appreciate your products. As with descriptions, you can use the images provided by your wholesale dropship product supplier, but the smart thing to do is obtain one of every product you sell on eBay and take your own photos. This will give you a huge edge over the competition!

6. Be professional. This means no poor grammar, misspelled words, typos or other booboos that make you appear unprofessional and not overly bright. This does not inspire confidence in the average shopper and who could blame them? The more polished your descriptions and the better your photos, the more you will seem to be an expert in your niche, which scores points with shoppers.

Use these 6 secrets to start selling more dropship products on eBay!


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