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How to Make More Sales with Less Work: Dropship Home Business Tips

dropship tipsIf you would like to know how to make more sales with less work, you might appreciate these dropship home business tips that will put you on the road to working smarter instead of harder.

Ecommerce has been a blessing indeed to a lot of people from many different walks of life, including retirees, work at home mothers, those who need to supplement the income from a full time job, those who need to replace a full time job and more.

While there is no doubt that ecommerce beats the heck out of trudging out to a traditional job working for somebody else, it’s still work. The more shortcuts you can find to save time while boosting earnings will help you enjoy the Good life of working from home even more.

Here are some tips to help you maximize sales for your dropship business, while streamlining the work and saving time.

  • List your products on more than one site. Yes, you can! You can list on eBay while simultaneously having the same items for sale on Bonanza or a similar site. After all, it’s your stuff. You can do whatever you want to with it. Just be sure to update your inventory when you make a sale. For instance, if you sell an item you have listed on eBay, be sure to remove the listing from any other sites to make sure you don’t over sell. Customers tend to get irate about that and don’t much like it when you cancel their order.

  • Forget trying to multitask. It simply doesn’t work. Instead, try working in a parallel fashion, which means that if you have some dead time while waiting for one task to complete, be working on something else in the meantime. For example, if you are downloading a sizeable number of new dropship products from your wholesale product source and the download will take a few minutes, minimize that window and work on something else until the download is complete. You might be surprised how much this can improve your productivity! If you are selling on eBay, for instance you could spend this time writing a new marketing newsletter to your subscribers, letting them know you are adding new products.

  • Be realistic about reaching a point of diminishing returns. For example, are you spending an inordinately long time on each listing---tweaking your descriptions past the point where all that extra work and time…agonizing over every word…. will produce more sales? Are you taking pains with each template, trying to make it look showroom perfect and unique? While it is important to have attractive listings, this is only true up to a point. The bottom line is that shoppers are more interested in the products you are selling, so in the final analysis, if you are spending too much time making fancy templates---you are wasting time that could be best spent doing something that would actually help to make sales.

Use these tips to make more sales in less time in your dropship home business and you’ll see a difference!


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