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5 Mistakes eBay Dropship Sellers Make: What NOT to Do

eBay dropshipper mistakesYou may have heard someone grousing that there is no way to be successful as a dropship seller on eBay.

This is nonsense.

There most certainly is a way and in fact, there are many successful eBay dropship sellers who are making a very nice living at it. But, there have been many who tried it and failed and many more, no doubt, who will try it in the future and fail miserably.

So, what is the difference between these two groups of eBay dropship sellers---the success stories and the failures? What does one group do that the other doesn’t? Are the successful eBay dropshippers privy to a secret that others don’t know about?

The secret is what the successful ones do and perhaps even more importantly, what they DON’T do!

The thing about eBay is that you don’t get a lot of room for mistakes, especially when you are first starting out. There is a very narrow margin for error and a few feedbacks will be enough to sink your eBay ship if you flub up right from the begging.

Here are 5 common mistakes made by eBay dropship sellers who end up being unsuccessful:

1. They don’t provide good images. Your pictures have to clearly show a shopper what you are selling, so they need to be good enough to enable the person to make an informed buying decision. If you plaster poor quality, blurry or otherwise crummy images on eBay of your products---forget it. You won’t succeed.

2. They don’t provide good descriptions. Everything mentioned above about images goes for descriptions, too. Your descriptions should tell a viewer everything they need to know about your product. For example, if you are selling shoes and neglect to mention what size they are who do you think is going to buy them?

3. They don’t answer questions from potential buyers. Let’s face it, despite all of the disruptive change of the last few years and efforts to rid eBay of bad sellers, there are still some to be found on the site. Some are probably not so much bad as just stupid or ignorant. Be that as the case may be, there are a lot of buyers who have been burned by purchasing an item that was not as described. They might need reassurance that the item is as good as you say it is. Answer these messages! Doing so may gain you a valuable repeat customer. Not doing so will almost certainly cost you a sale.

4. They hold feedback hostage until after the buyer leave feedback. Honestly, this is lame. In the olden days of eBay when sellers could still leave negative feedback for buyers, this practice might have had some purpose. But, those days are gone. Sellers are unable to leave buyers anything except positive feedback. So, holding out on leaving feedback until after the buyer does really makes no sense and it antagonizes a lot of buyers. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!

5. They don’t download tracking info. Hopefully you are doing business with a wholesale product source for your dropship items that furnishes tracking numbers. Some dropship eBay sellers simply can’t be bothered to post this info to the site so that the buyer knows their widget is on its way. This is bad business and will cost you repeat business as well as gain negative or neutral feedback.

Those are 5 common mistakes eBay dropship sellers make that cause them to fail, so avoid them and you can be successful if you do everything else right!


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