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eBay Alternatives: Fact Or Fiction?

eBay alternatives do exist for online sellers! If you are tired of eBay and the constant fee increases, and want to try out a more seller friendly venue on a more level playing field than eBay offers these days, read on.

Many, many sellers have given up on Bay and moved on to, if not greener, then certainly friendlier and less costly pastures.

There is life after eBay! While eBay still commands a healthy amount of traffic, it isn’t the monolith it once was. Poor management and increasingly high fees, combined with the new “paperless only” payments, has driven away both sellers and buyers alike.

There are still quite a few buyers who do not feel comfortable paying online. Those buyers are left out in the cold nowadays on eBay, where sellers are prohibited from offering to accept any paper payments such as checks or money orders.

Paypal is king on eBay. Since eBay owns Paypal, it’s easy to see why they have taken away buyer options of paying by check or money order. After all, the more buyers who are forced to pay through Paypal, the more money for eBay. Actually, eBay pays lip service to allowing sellers to accept a few other obscure and almost unknown methods of paperless payments besides Paypal. But for the most part, the plan was calculated to rake in more fees for eBay via Paypal and it is serving its intended purpose.

Except, that is, for the buyers and sellers who refuse to bow to this kind of autocratic treatment.

One thing eBay might not have taken into consideration was that if they succeeded in driving away sellers, many buyers would follow. So, if you’re under the impression that all of the buyers are on eBay---think again.

If you are weary to the bone of the wear and tear on your nerves and pocketbook, hanging on by your fingernails as you struggle to keep your Detailed Seller Ratings up to eBay’s satisfaction against almost impossible odds and digging down deep into your pockets every month to pay the exorbitant fees----take heart! There are other websites out there waiting for you!

One of these is a relatively new site called Bonanzle. This isn’t an auction site. It’s all fixed price and sellers have “booths” where they set up and display their items for sale. You can import your eBay listings to Bonanzle and simply change the format from auction to fixed price. Did I mention that Bonanzle is FREE to list? They do charge a nominal percentage on completed sales, but only on completed sales.

No more paying high listing fees only to have your auctions buried in the dysfunctional and hopelessly skewed “Best Match” search.

If you list on Bonanzle, you pay nothing unless and until your item sells!

Oh joy!

Besides that, your booth and your items receive the same exposure as every other seller on Bonanzle. No more frantically fighting an uphill battle to somehow get your items seen once they’re listed on eBay. No complicated criteria to meet. No difficult “qualifiers” that will knock your auctions so far down in the search pages that nobody will see them.

You just list your stuff on Bonanzle and get the same breaks as everybody else there.

Really, folks, isn’t that the way it should be?

Compare that set-up to eBay’s, where most sellers pay the same fees as  every other seller, but due to a dozen or more “qualifying” factors, don’t receive the same exposure for their items.

Contrary to popular belief in the upper echelons of eBay, jumping through hoops is not aerobic exercise!

If you’re tired of jumping---check out Bonanzle!

Oh, and in case anyone is interested: I do not sell anything on Bonanzle and don’t know anybody who does. This is merely one person’s take on the differences between the two sites, and an effort to shed some light on those eBay sellers who might wonder about alternatives. There are several other viable alternatives to eBay and those will be discussed in upcoming articles.


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