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Health & Fitness: A Lucrative Drop Ship Niche Market!


A lucrative drop ship niche market for your internet business is health and fitness!

According to internet market studies for 2008, the sale of health and fitness products increased over 40%.  

This huge increase came during a recession that caused many big-name retailers to go out of business, and the numbers are supposed to be even higher this year.

What accounts for this tremendous jump in the health and fitness market niche?

It is probably a number of things, instead of one specific reason.

One reason is that as more and more people live sedentary lives spent working at computers, they must allocate a specific amount of time toward exercise and staying physically fit.

Also, people are in general just becoming more and more health conscious with every passing year. Baby boomers account for much of consumer spending, and this consumer group is pretty focused on staying healthy and aging gracefully.

The sports industry, which accounts for a large segment of the health and fitness category, is a $70 billion a year business.

Fitness gear is the number one sports equipment category.

Here are a few interesting statistics:

Sales of exercise and fitness equipment were $3.5 billion last year.

Only approximately 1/3 of all sports or fitness apparel purchased is really used for sports or fitness. The majority of it is bought simply to look the part.

Sales in the women’s market in sports apparel makes up almost half of all sales in this category.

Free weights are the most popular and most frequently purchased fitness equipment, but consumers spend more money on treadmills.

44.1 million Americans belong to health and fitness clubs, which is a 22% increase since 2000.

According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, the five hottest sports for sales growth in 2009 are yoga/Pilates, fitness walking, lacrosse, running, and strength training.

When you take a peek at those numbers and stats, you can plainly see that the potential for a very lucrative online dropshipping business exists within the health and fitness niche.

And that only covered the basic fitness side of this hungry niche---there are millions and millions of Google searches done every month by people searching for nutritional and health products, supplements and other products.  

You could easily drill down inside the health and fitness niche to carve out a niche within a niche that would allow you to specialize and reap big profits!

Smart and savvy internet entrepreneurs know that you catch the wave when a product is popular and in high demand.

Drop Ship Access has a large selection of health, fitness and sports products to stock your online drop ship website.

If you are dreaming of being your own boss and starting a home business so that you can spend more time with your family, plus reap the rewards of a profitable business for yourself---check out dropshipping health and fitness products!

It’s the easiest imaginable home based business there is!

You can make up to a six figure income and start earning money fast with drop shipping!

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Really found this useful. Thanks for sharing.
Posted @ Tuesday, December 08, 2009 7:00 AM by Maurice
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