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5 Free Tools to Grow Your Drop Ship Business


One of the most impressive advantages of building an online business versus a traditional brick & mortar (B&M) one is how easy it is to find free and inexpensive resources to grow your business. Try these five free online tools and resources to help lower costs, increase visibility, and boost your drop ship sales:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools is a one-stop shop for all of your webmaster needs. You can find comprehensive information about search engine optimization and much more:

    • Find out how search engines crawl and index websites
    • Discover the search engine queries that are bringing visitors to your website
    • Diagnose potential problems before they do damage
    • Receive valuable advice about how to improve your website
    • Learn the dos and don’ts of website design
    • Find answers to difficult questions and connect with other webmasters
  2. The FreeSite.com offers Webmaster Freebies to help you accomplish various tasks from coding to marketing. Use these handy tools to:

    • Add polls, guestbook for testimonials, and other interactive elements
    • Enhance your website design with visuals, such as icons, clipart, and images
    • Increase functionality with scripts and CGI
    • Create marketing campaigns
    • Fix coding issues
    • Monitor site traffic
  3. SiteLevel provides webmasters with a free internal search engine in exchange for placing their ads on search results pages. If your website is more than a handful of pages, adding internal search functionality can greatly increase customer satisfaction. SiteLevel Basic includes the following features:

    • Indexes up to 1000 pages
    • Unlimited Technical Support via email
    • Customizability to meet your specific needs
    • Handles HTML, RTF, PDF, and DOC files
    • Re-Indexes on demand
    • Spidering control
  4. AnyBrowser.com is a great source for browser compatibility and much more. This valuable resource includes freebies that enable you to increase you website visibility and promote your business. Use the tools to:

    • Test your website in various screen sizes
    • View your site in different browsers
    • Validate your html
    • Implement search engine optimization
    • Enhance website usability and functionality
    • Check your links
  5. W3Schools is an amazing website with free tutorials on a wide variety of web-related technologies. This comprehensive resource includes examples, references, and information on certification. Find tutorials on  popular web-technolgies including:

    • CSS
    • ASP.NET
    • XML, XML DOM
    • SQL
    • PHP
    Check out W3Schools to learn more.


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