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How to market your growing e-commerce business with dropshipper


When its time to market your growing e-commerce business, there are two ways you can go about gaining targeted search traffic.  These two ways are Pay-per-Click advertising, aka PPC, and organic search.  As a shopper, I must admit that I am a Fickle Pickle.  Even before I knew about Google ad campaigns and Pay-per-Click advertising, I just knew there was something different about those listings that popped up in pink at the top of the page...maybe it was the "sponsored link" statement in small print that tipped me off.

The point is, as a shopper, even though I am looking for a specific item to buy for my home or office, I don't want to be sold.  I just assume other consumers operate in the same mental mode as I do.  What this means to the e-commerce entrepreneur is that taking the necessary steps to rank organically in the search engines will pay off big in the long run. 

An organic ranking is the search engines determination of where your site places in terms of relevance.  A sites position and ranking on search engines is key to their success.  Investing in marketing that will push your growing site up in the search engines is a business decision that will reward today, tomorrow and ten years from now!

To move up the Google ladder, all that usually needs to be done is a little tweaking here and there to improve content such as product descriptions and titles.  Basically, when a site improves relevant content - a form of search engine optimization or SEO - they will begin taking steps up the ladder of success.   The way to improve content is through keywords that are widely searched. 

How does this work?  Keywords that are relevant to the subject of a site are added to content contained throughout the site.  Search engines release hungry little spiders into website pages looking for words that are relevant to the site's subject.  These spiders gravitate towards the following things:

  • Exact word-for-word matches to search queries.
  • Larger text sizes that are in boldface. This means product titles, page headlines, and section heads stand out to the shopper and the search engine!
  • Keywords that show up early and later on a page. Use keyword rich content at the beginning of a page and end with a keyword rich conclusion.
  • Web pages with word counts between 300 and 600 words with a keyword ratio of 3% to 5%.

Here's a good rule of thumb:  Write content that reads well while containing pertinent keywords.  Some sites contain content that is so loaded down with keywords that a shopper would not be able to understand the description.  This is a sign that there is an over-density of keywords on the page, which could result in a ding from the search engine.  This is opposite of what is needed for great search engine position!

Luckily, there is help all over the web for those looking to improve organic rankings in the different search engines.  Not only can one find necessary information to do the work themselves; but there are also professional companies that can be hired to do the work for you.  This way you can focus on other business building tasks that can't be delegated to others. 


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