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How SEO Helps Increase Traffic and Conversion of drop ship products


If you're looking for huge success in business on the internet, then you definitely want to do some research on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  Surprisingly, I have met several people who have done the work of creating a website and then wonder why they aren't getting any traffic.  When I ask them what keywords they have researched, and how their content is written, they get that deer in the headlights look and the color drains from their face. 

For those who aren't quite sure, I'll be blunt; building a website is NOT enough.  Think of a web store in terms that are concrete.  Imagine that it is a brick and mortar store on a busy street.  Also on that street are a million other stores just like it.  Identical!  Because there are so many, they are all squished together so much so that any one could be easily overlooked.  This is ecommerce, my friend. 

The way to get noticed is through strategic internet marketing techniques; article submissions, blogs, video marketing and so on.  SEO is an integral part of any content you put on the web.  From your Home Page to each product or service description to the About Us page, optimization of each page is crucial for success.  If you're like me, you'll need to know why.

Think about this; when was the last time you logged on to the internet without using a search engine of some sort?  Every time I am on the web, I use Google at least three times to find the things I'm looking for.  There are two ways sites will pop up.  One way is that the owner of the site is paying dearly for a pay per click campaign.  Now here's my personal opinion.   I don't click on these because I see them as paid ads.  I don't even think about it!  And these may be very good sites, I just subconsciously avoid being sold and gravitate towards the pages that come next. 

Ranking organically in the search engines comes from good optimization of web pages on a site.  SEO of content, coupled with outside links pointing to those pages (think Social Media Marketing), bring a site up in the rankings.   Ranking higher in search engines is by far the most affordable and effective tool to increase targeted website traffic.  Optimized sites will be more widely read than those that are mistakenly written for the consumer.  Web content must speak to the consumer but also to the search engines.

While a business owner can hire a professional writer to take care of web content and SEO, it is still a good idea to have a working knowledge of optimization yourself so you can make sure work is being done to standards.  It would be extremely frustrating to go through the process and cost of hiring someone for SEO only to be banned for overuse of keywords or tricks like hiding text.  SEO is fairly simple to learn, and there are ample resources for adding optimized pages to your website.  So as Nike says, Just Do It.


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