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The Benefits of PPC for Your Dropship Business

PPC, or Pay Per Click, can be tremendously beneficial for your ecommerce dropship business if it is handled effectively.

What is Pay Per Click?

A basic simplified explanation of Pay Per Click is this: Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others will generate listings that are based on a per bid basis.  These are in addition to the usual results based on your site keywords. If you bid the highest for a particular keyword, the search engine will rank your website higher.  When a viewer clicks on your listing in search results, you are charged for the click.

This can be risky because clickers don’t always become customers.

However, it is still very good marketing strategy and one that can certainly help you grow and improve your dropshipping business if you do it right.

Here are some of the benefits of PPC:

  • Generates immediate traffic and hopefully sales for your business. It’s a fast way to get some buzz going about your website!

  • It’s ideal for short term ad campaigns because you can change the ad copy ad lib.

  • It’s extremely versatile! You can change keywords, add to them or delete them as you see fit.

  • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use PPC effectively: if you bid the most, you get the most clicks because you’re ranked higher in search results.

  • Quite economical compared to some other types of marketing and advertising.

  • To make PPC work for you, lay out some ground rules. For instance, always remember that cost per click must be less than profit per click. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels without getting anywhere. If you pay $1 per click but only make $.50 per sale---you aren’t coming out ahead regardless of how many clicks you get.

  • Track your PPC campaigns to see which ones are generating the most traffic.

  • Track your PPC campaigns to see which ones are generating the best sales conversion ratio.

By keeping up with these things, you can determine how effective or ineffective your PPC marketing is doing at any given time, and adjust accordingly.

To boost traffic and revenue on your dropshipping website, try using PPC!


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