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Recession Advice: How to Sell Items Like Video Games Drop Shipping, Even in a Crisis

In these hard times, opening an online business seems especially risky, particularly if you are not experienced in e-commerce. Then again, perhaps a recession is the best time to do business in cyberspace, especially when non-virtual or "brick and mortar" (B&W) stores and shopping centers are going out of business. Think about it: an e-store can be seen by potential buyers all over the world instead of just people in the area, and has lower overhead costs than a traditional store. Here are some tips on how to weather a recession with your virtual dropshipping business.

What Should You Sell?

One way to answer this question is to think about how you yourself shop. Chances are your habits and needs are not all that different from those of your customers. Ordinary, everyday items and appliances are a safe bet because there will always be some demand for them. Luxury items are somewhat more risky but surprisingly profitable. (In a recession, people tend to buy smaller luxuries like gadgets and nice clothes rather than spend on bigger splurges.) You can make a lot of money selling ipods, cellphones, lingerie, collectibles, video games, books, music, computers beauty products and video games. Drop shipping successfully can depend on selecting the right products. You should also make sure your products are high-quality and built to last. Build your reputation as a reliable business so you can get repeat customers, who will hopefully tell their friends about you, too.

Extra, Extra!

A shop is more than just its products. People also come for bonuses and service-which are exactly the ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Free gifts and discounts can convince reluctant buyers to commit to a purchase. In fact, you can do better if you give special discounts or coupon codes to repeat buyers. Good service keeps customers coming back. Reply to queries promptly and in a personalized manner. Remember that your business needs customers in order to survive, and treat site visitors accordingly.

Also, make sure your customers have an easy purchasing experience. Unnecessary complexity can turn off even the most experienced online buyers. However, if even a "newbie" can navigate your site easily, you know you have done well. The most important things to get right are shopping carts, good pictures and text, and a safe, confidential checkout process. If you are not sure you can do this yourself, try going to a turnkey solutions provider, which can provide all the components you need, or even a ready-made website!

With these tips, you are now better equipped to take on the recession.


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