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Smart Online Entrepreneurs’ Dropshipping Strategies

Even though dropshipping has a number of special features that make it radically different from other types of commerce, dropshippers can still learn a great deal from traditional retail selling techniques. Here are some strategies used by traditional brick-and-mortar stores that will still be very useful to you in your online business.

1. Spruce up your advertising materials so that they are both informative and eye-catching. Photographs are especially useful. They should show the product from a variety of perspectives (i.e. front and side) so the customer gets a good view. You can even show magnified photos of your product's most unique and innovative attributes. All the important details and "specs" should be included in the advertising text, as well. Your tone should be professional, but persuasive. Do not be afraid to draw special attention to your product's good points. You are making a sale: nobody expects you to be completely neutral.

2. Be smart with your pricing. You might want to slash your prices a little in order to undercut yoru competition. Online entrepreneurs dropshipping at competitive prices know that slightly lowering the price on individual goods can increase your volume of sales to such a degree that your total profit soars.

3. Take advantage of benefits offered by your store's venue. Just like stores or booths making full use of whatever facilities and rented space they get from a shopping mall, be aware of any freebies offered by the shopping or auction website you are using. Some websites may offer special navigation, site design features, or marketing templates for free. Grab these for your own store!

4 Improve your shipping services: It is true that your provider will be taking care of most of the shipping details However, there are some things you can do to make things even better for your customers. For example, be sure to place your order with your provider shortly after your customer orders from you. Don't keep clients waiting! Also, give your clients the option to track their own order. This makes them feel more secure, and cuts down on your work, because they will be doing their own checking.

5. Treat customers well: Never forget this important principle. Be sure that customers have a pleasant experience. Answer all questions politely and informatively. If the customer took the time to write you a personal e-mail, you can write a personal reply. This way, you can get repeat business.

Even if dropshipping is a very unique type of business, dropshippers can still take valuable cues from more traditional enterprises.


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