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Customer Reviews and Dropshipping Marketing Tips for Wholesale/Retail Stores

Marketing is a very important aspect of any business, even for a dropshipping store. Here are some great marketing tools you can use.
• Reviews from customers - Testimonials can be posted on your website or incorporated into the newsletters and other materials you send out to your potential customers. Published testimonials have the added benefit of encouraging readers to send you even more testimonials, so you will have a wider selection of reviews from which to pick your quotations. Dropship review from a client can benefit both wholesale and retail stores.
• Newsletters - These can be e-mailed regularly to anyone who signs up for a subscription on your website. Include new products, new promos, and even promos whose time is about to be up. If you need to increase your base of subscribers, offer a small free gift to people when they sign up. Take the time to make a newsletter that is both informative and eye-catching. Useless content-however witty-is likely to simply annoy customers, so stick to your topic. In addition, use good photographs. Different letter sizes for headings are also an important, professional-looking feature that some newsletter writers forget.
• Old-fashioned mail campaigns - Even though it seems everyone and everything is going online these days, do not be so quick to discount snail mail from your strategies. Old-fashioned mail can attract dropshipping customers by serving as a much more tangible, memorable piece of marketing than an email publication than can get so easily get lost in someone's Inbox.
• Issue online coupons - Try offering customers discounts on the next thing they buy from you, on the condition that they make their next purchase before a certain date, or before a certain number of weeks has elapsed. This will encourage your customers to come back-and quickly!
• Prizes - These work a little bit like coupons in the sense of enticing visitors to come back. Prizes can be given to site visitors, even if they do not make a purchase. You can keep records of site visitors, perhaps via a guestbook, then draw one winner. Winners often do come back, so the cost of prizes is still a wise investment. You can save money by order surplus products, or buying them in bulk-especially if you plan to have plenty of winners. Giving small prizes to many people is a better publicity tactic than issuing large, costly prizes to a few people.


Making smart investments in technology can make a real difference to the effectiveness of a business today. The challenge, particularly for SMEs, is to know what is available  
and how to implement them for the best return.  
Read an article I published, on how to better your Marketing in these tough times: 
Small businesses need to be more responsive and quicker off the mark than their larger counterparts - SMEs need to think "SMART EXPENDITURE". 
Posted @ Wednesday, September 07, 2011 6:44 AM by Gerry O'Neill
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