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Tips for Making the Best Wholesale Dropship Website

To many owners of online business, it seems that setting up shop on the Internet is fundamentally different from owning a traditional brick-and-mortar store. In many respects, this is true. However, both types of businesses do bear certain similarities, because customers shopping online often look for the same benefits available to them in more traditional stores.

One of these benefits is the presence of store staff, especially if it is the customer's first time on the premises. A store-owner may have marked out the locations of certain item categories, but it might still be a bit difficult for a new buyer to find precisely the product that he or she wants. It is therefore very reassuring to find service or sales staff willing to help the customer find his or her way around.

A similar issue exists for online stores. Your customers need to find their way around your site easily, but this time, without the presence of staff at their beck and call. The best wholesale dropship websites structure themselves so that customers can find the products and information that they want without being inundated with extra sales-talk or misdirected by a confusing navigation system.

One of the best ways to do this is to include an internal search engine on every single page, so that the customer can jump to something else or get their bearings whenever they want. Every page should also lead easily to FAQ pages or contact information where they can get help.

Site content as well as site structure can also play an important part in making a website either user-friendly or frustratingly difficult. For example, you should try to guess when you are being guilty of TMI Syndrome, or giving too much information or sales talk. Yes, it is important to include important facts about your products, such as specs, unique functions and tips for optimal usage. However, it is sometimes safe to assume a certain amount of basic knowledge on the part of your prospective buyer. After all, you are not introducing an unfamiliar product. Rather, the customer found you, most likely by typing the relevant keywords into a search engine. Therefore, they must have known something before they showed up at your website. In addition, resist the urge to advertise your other products too much. A person who is looking at a product page for a camera will probably be very annoyed if large parts of the page are filled with marketing material for computers and mp3 players, as well. In that case, the customer might even become so annoyed that he or she will leave without purchasing anything.

The best overall guideline is to try to think like a customer. If you visited somebody else's online store, what kind of experience would you like to have? What kind of site structure and content would encourage you to buy something, and even come back for more at another date? Keep that question in mind, and start improving your website.


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