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Free Dropshipping Accounting Available through Outright

For many store-owners, keeping records is a tricky, irksome business. It can be very tedious, and does not offer the fun and friendliness of customer-to-seller interaction. However, here is some great news for dropshippers with shops on eBay: the auction website is willing to keep your records for you. Even better this service can available free for dropshipping and other types of online business.

This service is called Outright, and is found under the Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro part of your account. A word on access: you will have to go straight from your eBay Dashboard to Selling Manager in order to use Outright. Outright can be considered a free accessory to Selling Manager, which you do have to pay for. However, do keep in mind that eBay sellers once had to pay for Outright. The fact that Outright is now free should give you all the more reasons to start using it.

It might seem that Outright is a simple adding machine-type website that simply totals up what you buy and what you sell on eBay, and subtracts one from the other. This is far from the truth. Outright is simple to use, but it is also very sophisticated in design. If you like, you can input other expenses, such as the gas and electricity money you spend in relation to your online business. You can also input other fees, such as your payments for the use of off-site credit card processors. Outright can organize all your business finances, not just the prices of the things you buy and sell.

Another amazing feature of Outright is that you do not have to start your bookkeeping from scratch once you begin using the service. Outright actually reaches back through thirty whole days of your transactions, so your most recent business history also becomes part of your current records.
You do not have to have an eBay account in order to use Outright. If you are interested in their package, you can visit their website and register right away. You can have somebody keep your finances in order, all without paying a cent.

Of course, in these days, when hacking is becoming ever more complex, you will be worrying about keeping your data safe. Entering this type of financial information into an online accounting service can be rather scary. However, there is no need to panic. The makers of Outright understand these legitimate concerns, and have designed their product to be shielded by an encryption system, so you can enter your information safely.

Go check out their service, and get great bookkeeping, for free!


my business is manually operated and somehow i can used this site for our benefits because you say that we can easily place a record here, so i try this thing out.
Posted @ Wednesday, December 02, 2009 9:33 PM by grant accounting software
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