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Basic Commercial Media Packages for Dropshipping Sites, For Free, Plus Premium Deals

In the fiercely competitive world of Internet dropshipping, everyone is trying to develop special features that set them apart from their rivals. Some do this by slashing their prices, or offering only the very latest products. However, one of the best ways to stand out is through spectacular marketing.

Think about this cool concept: a site that interacts with customers, instead of passively displaying text and pictures. In other words, a site that makes use of videos and sound clips to convey information.

Videos are an effective marketing instrument for many reasons. By their very nature, they hold attention better than masses of text. In addition, do not underestimate the effect of a perceived personal connection between buyer and seller. If site visitors feel that they have gotten to know you a little (an impression much more easily conveyed via videos than through pages of sales copy), there is a bigger possibility that they will trust you to sell them a good product.

Also, customers may be bored by long lists of specs, or they may actually not fully understand these specs. It might actually be better to show the product in action. Customers might be more easily persuaded to shell out extra money for a premium version of a certain product if you actually demonstrate how much better the premium product is than its "regular" counterpart.

Your clips can be especially suited to products that require complex assembly. As many buyers of supposedly "simple" gadgets know, instruction manuals do not always offer a good sense of the actual procedure. Show your customers how to use your product properly.

There are many providers out there, but Pixeletell and Sitepal are definitely two of the best, and may also be tried out for free.

Sitepal is an excellent choice for the dropshipper on a budget. First of all, it is for free, so dropshipping entrepreneurs do not have to worry about a huge investment. It also offers other features gratis, mainly to do with the sound aspect of your media. You can, for example, use your phone, computer microphone, or text-to-speech engine to create and add personalized sound clips to your site. If you already have some finished sound files, you can simply upload them onto the desired page.

You can also create links within your own eBay account site, so that visitors to other pages, like your online listings page(s), can easily find their way to your media.

Pixeltell, for its part, has a very tempting set of bonus features. These features increase your ability to disseminate your marketing media through a variety of channels. For example, you will be able to email customers either the link to your videos, or the videos themselves. Pixeltell provides great features to make and upload sound clips, but a disembodied voice on your site may turn off or disorient your customers. They might prefer to a see a human face. It does not have to be your face, which you might not wish to show for privacy reasons. This is why you can also use Pixeltell to design an avatar, somewhat like the charming personalized cartoons one sees in the better chat program.

You can have Pixeltell's typical package for just nine dollars a month.

Visit Pixeltell and Sitepal to learn more about how you can give your online marketing that extra kick.


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