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Top Wholesale Dropship Entrepreneurs Still Think Old-School

Many businesspeople conduct themselves as if online and "traditional" shops constitute two different worlds. No wonder, since one is usually promoted by showing how much it differs from the other. This is not entirely true. Owners of e-stores have much to learn from the affairs of brick-and-mortar shops. Some of these lessons are negative, having more to do with how not to run a store. Many of the most irritating features of traditional shops have analogs in the world of online commerce. Top wholesale dropship merchants understand that some knowledge is timeless.

Customers of both online and traditional stores are frustrated by untidiness. In e-commerce terms, incoherent and badly edited text is going to convince customers that your products and services are equally shoddy. Basic grammar and spelling errors are a dead give-away that you have not re-read your text well enough. You should go over the entirely of your content carefully-not just skim it-before you upload it.

Also, visitors to any shop will feel uneasy if basic machinery (lights, fridges, etc.) are not functioning properly. Something very similar goes for online stores. You should check to see if everything is working fine from a technical standpoint. Replace or eliminate broken links. Troubleshoot media clips that refuse to play, and fix pictures that get displayed in a skewed or blurry manner.

However, a store is not all about hardware or software. It is also about how the store owners and staff treat customers. After all, a store might have a gorgeous, glamorous design and cutting-edge technology, but customers will have a terrible experience if staff members are brusque or downright rude.

Even if you, as an online entrepreneur, will never meet your customers face-to-face, you still have the capacity to treat them very well or very badly. Some things not to do include ignoring customer queries, or answering them very later. If you really want to irk your visitors, scold or insult them whenever they approach you with problems.

Pricing is important, too. Rock-bottom prices will eliminate your profit margin. Conversely, getting too greedy and overpricing your goods will drive all your customers away, and you will be even worse off than if you charged very low prices.

Brick-and-mortar stores differ from their online counterparts in many ways, and it makes sense to develop different strategies for each type of shop. However, entrepreneurs must not forget the fundamental similarities between these two types of business. At bottom, both are about giving people good products and services for their money, in a manner that gives them a fun and satisfactory shopping experience. A good online store may look different than its brick-and-mortar counterpart, but the similarities between the worst of both kinds of store are all too clear.


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