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Move or Redesign Your eCommerce Dropship Site Without Being Penalized

If you move or redesign your ecommerce dropship site without taking some basic precautions, you may find yourself being ignored by Google.

In ecommerce, if you don’t exist with Google, you don’t exist. End of story.

Google doesn’t appreciate being startled by sudden, abrupt moves or changes. You could have your rankings drop dramatically if this happens!

So, if you have plans to move or redesign your website, follow these suggestions about how to go about these steps, so that Google doesn’t give you the cold shoulder:

  • If you are planning to do a redesign of your existing website AND move to a new location, make the move first. Once your dropshipping website has settled comfortably into its new home, then tackle the redesign. But don’t do both simultaneously! 

  • If you decide to move your website, do it gradually---one page at a time to the new domain. 

  • Instead of having all of your old pages pointing to the new pages, you should create 301 permanent redirects that have been personalized for your business, and do this for each and every individual page.

  • Be sure to check both the internal and external links to your website after the move. If there are websites linking to yours, make sure that they have updated their links to point to your new domain. Also, check all of the internal links on your old site to see that they’re updated and pointing to your new website.

  • When all of your content is moved into its new home on your new domain, use a FREE service such as Xenu to check for broken legacy links.

  • Don’t forget to add your new website to your FREE Webmaster Tools account with Google. Verify your ownership of the new site. 

  • Create a sitemap that lists the URLs on your new website and submit it to Google via your Webmaster Tools account. This lets Google know where you are and that you’re ready to be crawled.

  • Keep both your new site and your old site verified with Google for a while, preferably at least 90 days or so. Then, periodically review crawl errors using your Webmaster Tools to make sure that your 301 redirect pages are working properly and that your new website isn’t showing the dreaded 404 error pages.

Remember, Google doesn’t like any sudden moves or changes!

To make your dropshipping website move or redesign transition seamlessly with Google’s search engine, follow the above tips!


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