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Google Search Myths that eCommerce Entrepreneurs Need to Know

“Google it.”

This has become the commonly used phrase referring to doing an internet search.

With that kind of brand recognition, Google is obviously the giant of the search engines. But there are some common myths and misconceptions about Google that you, as an ecommerce entrepreneur, need to be aware of.

One of these misconceptions is that you can buy an ad from Google that will propel you straight to the top in Google search ranking.

Not true.

The fact is that buying an ad has no effect on its search ranking whatsoever. The search results are organic, according to a top Google spokesperson, and are handled separately from the Google ad system. They’re as separated as church and state, in two completely separate buildings.

Google’s results are actually determined by a number of algorithmic factors including the famous PageRank system. Google says the search results are all about relevancy, not pay-for-play.

PageRank helped to launch Google’s search engine and is still an important factor. However, there are also about 200 other quality signals with 5-10 ranking change proposals every week.

Results may even be personalized and/or influenced by whether or not a user is logged into a Google account.

Another popular myth is that many website owners think their websites are ranked as a whole, when in actuality it’s all ranked on a page by page basis.

Google is a highly automated search engine. Speed matters to users, so it matters to Google. If an ad server’s network is down or slow, Google will spit results out at times without the ads in order to give speed of query results maximum priority.

Google researchers say that speed is so important to users than even tenths of seconds matter, and that users search more when results come back in .3 seconds instead of .7 seconds.

This isn’t surprising, because studies have shown that internet users are notoriously impatient and always in a hurry!

So, read up on exactly what Google search ranking really is and what affects it the most, in order to make your marketing and ad campaigns the best they can be! 


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