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Online Business Accounting Options for Your eCommerce Dropship Business

Even though dropshipping is just about the easiest business to start up and run for the entrepreneur, you will still have to implement some sort of accounting to keep your books correctly.

If you’re a whiz at bookkeeping and accounting you can perform this time consuming task yourself.

But, if you are numerically challenged and have trouble even using a calculator and have to take off your shoes to count above ten, it would probably behoove you to get some outside help for this highly detailed but necessary job.

Here are 3 services that might be of use to you for your business accounting needs:

Xero: Free to try for 30 days, Xero won’t allow multiple users in the free version. But this isn’t usually a big concern of entrepreneurs, anyway. The free demo comes fully loaded with all kinds of sample data, and you will be able to wander around and explore all the program features right away. You may upload your own dropshipping company data and try Xero, also. The free demo with sample data is available to you for life. 

If you try Xero for 30 days and like it, you can upgrade to the full, paid version for $29.99 per month. Or you can pay annually and save $59. Xero has a user friendly set-up and dashboard, with graphic displays of incoming and outgoing money, credit card and bank balances, and more. You can use any of the features and functions such as checking a bank balance anywhere there is internet service.

Clarity Accounting: This one offers a free demo and a free 30 day trial. Clarity has automatic currency conversion, which is a nice feature for ecommerce businesses with international customers. The full, paid version of Clarity Accounting is only $10 per month, or $100 annually.

Quickbooks Online: The free service is limited to 20 customers, but the paid version is only $9.95 per month. Quickbooks Online Plus is $34.95 per month, customer support access, advanced bill and income tracking features, automated online banking downloads, multiple user access and more than 65 standard financial reports. You probably wouldn’t need all that, so the cheaper plan would suffice.

Using some sort of accounting software can facilitate your drop ship business financial record keeping, and save you a lot of time!


Hi there, 
Just wanted to clarify a couple of things about Xero. 
1. Xero most definitely allows multiple users - as many as you like, you control who you invite into your organisation and you control what access they have to your organisation's accounts (http://www.xero.com/web/ or Help Centre > User Roles). I know the demo company doesn't allow you to experiment with users but if you add an organisation, even in trial, you can. 
2. We've recently updated our pricing plans & trial period - please see our website for details of the 3 plans offered http://www.xero.com/pricing/ 
Community Manager, Xero
Posted @ Monday, October 19, 2009 6:42 PM by Catherine Walker
This is a good business for those accounting graduate who has the aspiration to build their own business. 
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Posted @ Sunday, December 06, 2009 9:29 PM by grants accounting software
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