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Successful Dropship Selling on eBay: A Tale of Two Sellers

Can you be successful with dropship selling on eBay?
Yes, you can. In fact, there are many enterprising entrepreneurs who are successfully dropship selling on eBay. 

Disregard the negative hype floating around the internet that tells you it isn’t possible to make money with dropship sales on eBay. 

It may have been true for the particular people who write these biased, grim reports; but it certainly isn’t true for everyone.

Far from it, in fact.

The actual truth is that some people will be successful dropship selling on eBay, and others won’t.

But really, that’s true of almost endeavor, isn’t it?

There are those who will succeed at something, and those who won’t. Be it selling on eBay or building a better mousetrap……..inevitably there will be a group of winners and a group of losers.

If you want to achieve success with dropship selling on eBay, and you want that success badly enough to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve it, then the odds are in favor of your success.

Usually, the truth is told from the perspective of the one telling it.

For example, let’s say that you had a beautiful vintage chenille bedspread to sell, and you listed it on eBay hoping it would fetch a good price. 

But first of all, you only took one very poor photo of the bedspread, crumpled up on the floor. The picture doesn’t show any of the lovely tufted design and since the lighting was bad, the colors are all wrong and the entire photo is very blurry to boot. So nobody can tell what it looks like. 

You couldn’t be bothered to write a good description, or measure the bedspread. So you just said it’s a vintage chenille bedspread and potential buyers had no idea what size bed it would even fit. You failed to mention that it was in excellent condition with no holes or stains. 

To compound your error, you weren’t sure how to spell “chenille” so you guessed---and you guessed wrong. You listed it as a vintage “senile” bedspread. (Don’t laugh, this has happened.)

Not could you take the time to make sure it was listed in the right category, so it wound up being listed with rugs instead of bedspreads, and not even in the vintage and collectibles category.

You didn’t want to fool with weighing it, so you guesstimated the shipping cost and charged a flat $5 Priority Mail to all and sundry. 

The auction ended and your beautiful vintage chenille bedspread sold for the opening bid of $9.99 to a buyer in Alaska. 

When you took it to the Post Office, you had to pay $17 for Priority shipping to Alaska, so you lost money there. Plus the eBay and Paypal fees you had to pay.

You lost money on the bedspread you sold on eBay.

After this unfortunate experience, you might be of the opinion that you can’t make any money selling vintage chenille bedspreads or probably anything else on eBay.

In reality, you didn’t make any money because you did everything wrong.

The buyer in Alaska turns out to be another eBay seller who took a chance and bought your bedspread for resale. This canny buyer/seller listed the same bedspread with good photos and measurements, a great description, and in the right category; and it sold for almost $200.

So, this eBayer would say yes, you can definitely make money selling vintage chenille bedspreads on eBay.

Same product….two completely different sellers…two completely different outcomes and perceptions of the “truth.” 

This holds true with dropship selling on eBay, too.
If you do everything wrong, you won’t make it. If you put in a little effort and do things right---then YES, you can be successful! 


Excellent advice, We need to treat this more like a business not a hobby.
Posted @ Friday, November 13, 2009 11:31 AM by Arlene
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