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Personalize Your eBay Dropship Product Listings for More Sales!

If you are an experienced eBay dropship seller, you are surely aware that you are not alone.

As a matter of fact, there are probably more sellers offering the exact same products as you than you can shake a stick at.

In order to excel and emerge ahead of all your competitors, you must make yourself stand out in some way. You must make your products more desirable to buyers.

How can you do this?

One way is to take your own photos.

Another way is to write your own product descriptions instead of simply copying and pasting the ones directly from your wholesale dropship supplier’s website.

The product descriptions on your wholesale supplier’s website might be perfectly adequate. However, they are not your descriptions, written in your voice.

And honestly, most of the product descriptions to be found on supplier’s websites leave something to be desired.

If you sit down and invest a little time and effort into it, you can almost certainly produce better, more descriptive, more compelling product descriptions than any words written by somebody else that you could copy and paste.

Chances are that your competitors will copy and paste. That by itself is a prime reason why you shouldn’t do the same!

When you are shopping for a product, you are being influenced and sold by the words of the description, whether you realize it or not.

For instance, let’s say that you are shopping for a dress to wear to a Christmas party. 

You find several for sale on eBay, by different sellers.

The description for one reads:

“Black ankle length formal dress, back zipper, polyester, size 10.”

The same dress, offered by another seller, has this description:

“Beautiful, sexy evening dress in mysterious midnight black is a soft and silky knit that will enhance your curves and turn every head in the room with its alluring style!”

Which sounds more appealing? 

If you want to look and feel sexy and alluring, and get plenty of attention, which evening dress would sound like it could accomplish that for you?

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword! Words are powerful and if used judiciously, can either pack a punch to help you make a sale…or not.

Beef up your eBay dropship sales by writing your own product descriptions! 


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