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Your Home Dropshipping Business: Staying Motivated

Regardless of how much you love working from home with your very own online dropshipping business, there are times when it is really hard to stay motivated!

This is natural.

We all experience burn-out from time to time, no matter what we do for a living, and no matter how much we really enjoy what we do. There are times when we simply don’t want to do what we do. Period.

So, if you need to stay on track, how do you motivate yourself when you are your own boss?

After all, you are hardly likely to fire yourself, or call yourself on the carpet for being unproductive.

No accountability is one of the pitfalls of being your own boss.

However, as anyone who is their own boss knows---there is accountability in the long run if you don’t accomplish what you need to get done. Your business will suffer, and so will your finances.

Therefore, it is important to stay motivated, and to re-motivate yourself if you lose that spark that gets you up and going every day.

But how do you refresh your motivation?

Here are a few tips that might help you get your motivational mojo back:

  • Don’t over do your work load with your dropshipping business! If you are feeling tired and burned out, maybe it’s because you are tired and burned out. Perhaps you have been too stern a taskmaster as your own boss, and you are worn down from working too hard. If that is the case, then get up and walk away from the computer. Get out of your home office. In fact, get out of the house and go for a walk, go fishing, go to the mall….do whatever it is that relaxes and renews you!

  • Set realistic goals and reward yourself when you attain one of them. Your reward can be anything that makes you feel as though you’ve received a reward. Take a break and sip a nice cup of tea, read a few pages of a new magazine, eat a nice, gooey piece of candy---anything that is a little treat for you can serve as a reward.

  • Learn when to throw in the towel. Not permanently, but temporarily. There are days when it seems you should have stayed in bed. You start to print an important document, and your printer goes haywire. You have a lot of research to do and your high speed internet goes down. You want to take photos of new products for your website and your digital camera bites the dust. We all have bad days. But when it seems that no matter what you try to do ends in disaster---give up and do something else for the rest of the day.

When your frustration is high with your dropship business, and your motivation is low…..take a break!

Remember, tomorrow is another day!


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