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Google AdWords Made Easy

If you are looking for an effective way to market your online business, Google AdWords will fill the bill!

However, if you go about it the wrong way, you can sink a ton of money into Google AdWords with a truly pitiful ROI, or Return On Investment.

What Are Google Adwords?

Simply put, Google AdWords offers both Pay Per Click advertising, as well as site targeted advertising for text and banner ads. The program includes local, national and international distribution. The text ads are short, consisting of one title line and two content text lines. Image ads may be one of several different IAB, or Image Advertising Bureau standard sizes.

Google AdWords allows you to purchase traffic for your online business based on keywords.

For beginning internet entrepreneurs, Pay Per Click can seem more than a little overwhelming and hard to understand. So, here are some basic, very simple tips for using Google AdWords effectively that might help you navigate through these tricky waters without wasting a lot of your marketing budget:

  • Decide which of your products to advertise and then select your landing page. You don’t actually have to promote a product. You might choose to promote your company or a category of products. But let’s just say that you are going to focus on one particular product. Once you choose this product, then you need a landing page, which is the page where visitors will be directed when they click your link in Google search results.

  • Determine your best and most effective keywords. In order to do this, you must think like a potential customer. What will a prospective customer most likely enter into the Google search box if looking for your product/s? Google has some great free tools to help you do this! For instance, you can use Google Keyword Tool. If you are in a highly competitive niche, think about maybe drilling down within the niche and finding your keywords there. For instance, if you sell pet beds, but your pet beds are all washable, then you might consider using “washable pet bed” for one of your keyword phrases, instead of the more generic “pet bed.”

  • Write your ads, and do it well! If you don’t feel competent to write good ad copy, hire it done. It will be worth spending a few bucks to get effective copy!

  • Put your campaign into effect and measure the results. The surest way to build successful Google AdWords campaigns over a period of time is by the process of elimination, basically. You must continually test and refine, discarding what doesn’t work as well. Google has excellent free tools to help you measure your results.

This is a simplified version of using Google AdWords, but perhaps it will make it a little less mystifying to those who are just getting their feet wet in ecommerce!


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