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Launch a FREE eCommerce Storefront on Facebook with Payvment!

Now, besides the sale of gifts like music downloads and e-cards you can buy and send to other Facebook users, ecommerce merchants can launch a FREE ecommerce storefront via Payvment.

Facebook rolled out this new app in November 2009, which uses a Paypal shopping cart to work with Facebook pages.

Even better, besides its Facebook app, Payvment also has a shopping cart service that allows you to add a shopping cart to any website with only one line of code!

The beauty of this set-up is that with Payvment’s Open Cart Network, shopping cart systems are able to communicate with each other.

So, if a buyer leaves an internet store without completing the purchase, the items in their cart will appear across every shopping cart in the network.

This could certainly help with the dreaded Shopping Cart Abandonment issue that plagues all e-tailers. Shoppers can actually complete their purchase from you even if they are no longer on your ecommerce website!

Payvment is well designed and exceedingly user friendly.

You can sell an unlimited number of items to Facebook fans, who will be able to search and purchase your items from any storefront on Facebook. Bearing in mind that there are over 350 million Facebook users, the potential for sales here is almost mindboggling.

This new application uses Paypal’s Adaptive Payments API, which is a set of building blocks that offers developers the tools to create highly customized payment services.

Internet retail analysts are predicting that ecommerce and social media are a match made in heaven, and some see Facebook as the next giant online shopping mall.

Using the new Paypal Adaptive Payments API, where shoppers will be able to add and remove items in their shopping carts across a variety of storefronts, and then make a single payment through Paypal to pay for all of their items, it’s easy to see how Facebook could blossom into a virtual ecommerce dream-come-true!

Social media and ecommerce can march hand in hand into the new world of shopping with Facebook’s FREE Payvment!

Check out Payvment today and see how quickly and easily you can set-up an ecommerce storefront!



When opting for a reputable ecommerce storefront provider, individuals should not only check out the number of features available but what kind of tech support is offered as well. Updates should be readily available and most providers assist in setting up merchant accounts. When using this software effectively, it will not take long before an individual notices an increase in both sales and site traffic.
Posted @ Friday, February 18, 2011 4:53 AM by ecommerce storefront
PayPal Shopping cart setup is a business of selling the products online and makes it easy to get paid. UTSI offers some of the best pricing in the industry. 
PayPal shopping cart 
Posted @ Monday, April 16, 2012 11:11 PM by paypal shopping cart
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