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eMail Marketing: Are You Getting the Right Message Out?


eMail marketing is one of the best and most effective marketing strategies you can use for your online business!

But, you naturally want to be sure that your messages are the best they can possibly be, and perform well for you in terms of open-rates, click-throughs, etc.

So, what can you do to hone your email marketing and get it down to a fine art?

Here is a list of tips to help make sure that you are getting the right message out to your email subscribers:

  • Use A/B testing. To do this right, you must be willing to devote the time and attention required to get the best from it. Simply put, A/B testing means that you send two different emails with two different offers to subsets of your subscribers. Then, over a period of time and continued testing, you will gradually learn what buttons to push in your email newsletters in order to get maximum results.

  • Leave out fluff, and keep your content concise and brief, to the point. Make every word count! Bear in mind that the average person on the internet will not read, they will scan. So keep to short paragraphs that pack a punch.

  • Experiment with the best days and times to send your emails. This is a good place for a little A/B testing using various days and times instead of different offers. If you try to get info on the internet about the optimal times and days of the week to send your marketing emails, you’ll see a hundred different variations of the “best” days and times. Some marketers swear by sending emails during the night so that the recipient sees it first thing in the morning. Others are staunch believers that the best time is late in the evening. Some entrepreneurs prefer sending marketing emails on Mondays, while others insist that Tuesday or Wednesday is better. Ignore all of them and find what works best for you and your customers!

  • Let your subscribers interact! People love to be heard. So, have a poll or a survey and let viewers vote or voice an opinion, and then let them be able to see what everybody else said or how they voted.

eMail marketing is tremendously effective if you take the time to get the right message out, at the right time!                                                                                                               


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