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SEO & eCommerce for Your Dropship Business: Writing to Sell


SEO is written for search engines, but your ecommerce website content also needs to be written to sell your products.

While we can’t undervalue SEO, ecommerce entrepreneurs should bear in mind that driving traffic is not the be-all and end-all of having a successful online business. Equally important is what goes on after that traffic arrives on your website!

If your website content is written solely with SEO in mind, visitors will not have a great experience, nor will they be sufficiently motivated to actually purchase something from you.

Always remember that your content has one ultimate goal in mind: making sales. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

SEO to generate traffic and get visitors to your site is necessary, of course. But don’t drop the ball there! Put in just as much time and effort into writing sales-driven content as you do on writing SEO---or more.

From your home or landing page all the way through to the confirmation page after checkout…your content should be nudging the shopper in the right direction, which is making a purchase.

To do that, you will need to write your website content with a strong call to action incorporated into every page!

Your call to action will vary from page to page on your website. For example, when someone comes in through your “front door” and lands on your Home Page, your call to action in this instance should be designed to get the visitor to click through to one of your product pages.

From there, your call to action should be written to get the visitor to add one or more of your products to the shopping cart. From the shopping cart, your call to action should progress right along, gently steering the visitor to checkout.

While you are writing content with strong calls to action on each page, don’t forget to include a loud, clear call to action to get the shopper opted-in t your email subscription list!

This is invaluable for your email newsletters and sales campaigns.

Write great SEO by all means, but don’t become so focused on SEO in your website content that you forget the main reason for driving traffic to your online dropshipping business or other ecommerce enterprise---making sales!

Here is a great video about SEO from YouTube:



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