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SEO Tips for Your Online Dropship Business Blog


Good SEO practices are important in your online dropship business blog, or other ecommerce enterprise.

Blogs can play a key role in building your brand and promoting your business! A blog naturally attracts the attention of Google and the other search engines, so besides supplying your blog with fresh, new content on a frequent and regular basis, you should also pay attention to SEO and keywords, and use them wisely!

Here are some great tips for using SEO to its best effect in your ecommerce business blog:

Tip 1: When it comes to your blog and keywords, you have a decision to make: You can choose to target a popular, very high traffic keyword that you probably have little chancing of ranking well for, and consequently generate little traffic with it. Or, you can target a lesser used keyword that is more specific to your particular business and/or products.

In this instance, you still won’t get all that much traffic from the keyword, but what you do get will be more qualified. In other words, it will be more valuable traffic in that it is comprised of those who are genuinely interested in your products, and therefore more likely to buy than visitors who arrive at your website from a more general, higher traffic keyword.

Tip 2: According to a recent article in Information Week, the highest conversion rates from search engine driven traffic comes from people who have searched using four words instead of just one keyword. This is a perfect opportunity for blogs, because if you blog faithfully, you can end up so well indexed that your blog will show up in quite a few different four word search queries relating to your business and or products.

Tip 3: To make sure that the search engine crawlers can access your blog pages easily, each post should link to another, relevant post.

Tip 4: Aim for backlinks. One way to get backlinks is to submit your blog posts and RSS feed to the more popular directories and blog search engines. You might also consider link exchanges with other blogs that correlate in some fashion with your own content. You might also comment on other, similarly themed blogs with high traffic. Needless to say, these should be legitimate comments.

Use these tips to help SEO your ecommerce business blog!

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