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eBay Dropshipping Secrets Revealed! Powerful Tips for Success


If you are longing to quit your boring, going-nowhere job and start your own home business, wouldn’t you like to know the secrets of successful dropshipping sales on eBay?

The truth is that there aren’t really any secrets.

Instead, your success or failure depends on using the right strategy to be successful in dropship sales, which is a tad different in some respects than being a regular eBay seller.

So, the secret to doing well as a dropship seller on eBay is to take into consideration these slight differences, and work with them instead of trying to go around them or ignore them.

What are the differences between dropship sales on eBay and regular sales?

There are several:

  • First and foremost, understand that you are selling products that you don’t actually have. This is the most elemental difference, and it’s a biggie simply because if you don’t adapt this truth into your selling practices you’ll go down like the Titanic, with your selling career on eBay sunk by bad feedback from irate buyers.

  • You don’t stand alone with dropship sales when it comes to returns. So, you have to be sure that you and your product source are on the same page when it comes to handling returns. Your return policy is governed basically by their return policy. This means that you need to be doubly careful when finding a dropshipping product source to ensure that they have an adequate return policy that won’t get you in hot water with buyers.

  • Your dropship product source is not supplying products to you only, which means that at peak shopping seasons the more popular selling items may be sold out. Buyers are naturally highly annoyed, if not downright furious, when you cancel their purchase because the item they purchased is sold out. To avoid this potentially volatile situation, make sure that your product source keeps you in the loop with up-to-date Low Stock notices and lets you know when a product is no longer available to sell.

  • Another major difference between you and a regular seller is that you will not be shipping the products you sell. This is a wonderful bonus of dropship sales, by the way, as long as it doesn’t bite you in the behind as a result of poor management on your part. There is a little dropdown box on the eBay listing page that allows you to specify within how many days a sold item will be shipped. Don’t tell buyers it will be within one day! Instead, be realistic and allow for extra time. If it reaches the buyer faster than expected, well and good. You should also be sure that any dropship product source company you go with does ship promptly! Besides using the dropdown box for shipping time, also plainly state in your listings that an item will be shipped within X amount of business days. You don’t have to go into detail and make unnecessary explanations that it’s being dropshipped---the buyer doesn’t care about that, anyhow. Just be up front and there will be few misunderstandings about shipping times.

For more information on eBay dropshipping secrets, check out our article Dropship Secrets for eBay Sellers

These “secrets” will stand you in good stead in a home business with eBay dropship !

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