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Dropship News: Social Media Marketing Trends & Statistics




A recent study conducted by Michael Stelzner, which was sponsored by Social Media Success Summit 2009, resulted in some impressive and sometimes surprising trends and statistics about social media marketing that might be of interest to those with an online dropship business or involved in any type of ecommerce.

One interesting tidbit is that the survey showed a whopping 88% of marketers are using social media marketing for their business. 72% reported that they had been using social media marketing for a few months or less.

The study was done with the intentions of finding out the hows and whys of marketers actively leveraging social media for business marketing.

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The results showed that the top four social sites used by marketers are, in order of popularity:

  1. Twitter
  2. Blogs
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook

One would have probably expected Facebook to be number two on the list, instead of blogs. This illustrates the effectiveness of having a blog for your dropshipping or other ecommerce business. There wouldn’t be that many marketers using blogs if the strategy didn’t work!

The study was comprised of 700 open ended responses, which showed that the top three questions marketers have about social media marketing are:

  1. Where to start
  2. How to measure ROI
  3. Which tactics are best

The survey showed that business owners---over 90%---are more likely to use social media marketing than employees of a business---81%. It seems surprising that the gap isn’t wider than that as you would think that employees wouldn’t be all that motivated to work at marketing a business not their own.

However, a lot of the 81% of employees utilizing social media marketing are probably being paid to do so, which sheds a little different light on things, when all is said and done.

As far as age demographics of who is using social media marketing, the survey revealed that the majority of respondents who are doing so are in the 30-39 year old age group.

People falling into the 60-69 year old age group were much more likely to be just beginning to get their feet wet in social media marketing.

These trends and stats help give us a good picture of how social media is evolving as well as who is using it for marketing.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon, you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your ecommerce dropship business or other online enterprise!

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Posted @ Thursday, November 29, 2012 9:48 PM by Tammy Wicker
Hi there Tammy - Thank you for your positive feedback and kind words! Feel free to use our statistics for your article - please reference us :)) I have written many other articles on social media marketing that you might find interesting. All the best. Amanda
Posted @ Thursday, November 29, 2012 10:43 PM by Amanda Brooke
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