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Dropship Tips: Improve Your Google Ranking in 5 Easy Steps


There is a saying that applies to all ecommerce dropship businesses: If you don’t exist with Google, you don’t exist!

It is vitally important that you make a concentrated effort at keeping your ranking with Google as high as it can be.

Remember, the higher your Google ranking, the more likely that you will be on the first page when someone does a Google search using your main keywords.

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Since internet research has revealed time and time again that most internet users never go past the first page of Google search, you can see why it is critical to get your business there and keep it there.

This is not always an easy task.

It requires patience, skill, dedication and attention to detail. However, there are some steps you can take to improve your ranking with the mighty Google:

1. Maximize your social presence! Now that Google has rolled out their real-time search, your social media marketing is even more important than before simply because Google will be crawling the social sites and using real-time results as part of their algorithm. So, use great SEO in social media marketing, work at it faithfully each and every day for a specified period, and stick to it. This also includes having a business blog. Google is picking up blog content now in its real-time search. Make your blog articles keyword rich!

2. Provide fresh content! Google loves fresh, relevant content. To keep a high ranking, it is necessary to feed Google fresh content on a regular basis. Your blog can certainly help with this, as can updating your website regularly with fresh, new content.

3. Get those inbound links! Google ranks websites higher that have a lot of inbound links because it perceives these sites as more valuable. So, actively working to acquire inbound links is one of the best ways you can rank higher with Google. Make sure that your inbound links are from good neighborhoods and not porn sites or others of a similar ilk that Google doesn't like, or you will be penalized for the company you keep.

4. Use good SEO practices throughout your website, your blog, your social content, everywhere you have a presence. If you don’t understand how to use SEO, attend a free webinar or watch a YouTube video, or read articles written by some of the top SEO gurus on the internet. Do whatever you have to, but do learn at least the basics of SEO, and then use them.

5. Google is now ranking page and site speed into its algorithms. Or at least we think they are. So, do analytics and website performance tests to ensure that your ecommerce site is up to speed, so that it will be ranked higher in Google.

There are a lot of other ways to improve your ranking with Google, but using these 5 will definitely help your home dropship business or other ecommerce endeavor.

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