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E-Commerce Dropship 101: 7 Tips for Success with Pay Per Click


For those with an ecommerce dropship business, Pay Per Click, or PPC, can be tremendously effective advertising and greatly increase traffic and sales.

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Here are 7 timely tips for success with Pay Per Click:

1. Be knowledgeable about your niche and your online marketplace. For example, if you are selling fishing supplies on Amazon, then do your homework and make sure that you know everything you need to know about your products, and everything you need to know about the Amazon marketplace and how it works.

2. Use A/B split testing to determine which of your PPC ads are the most effective and reap the best ROI, or Return On Investment. Google AdWords offers A/B split testing, so take advantage of it!

3. Make sure to have special landing pages for your PPC ads, and that each landing page is uniquely designed for each Pay Per Click ad. If someone clicks on your PPC ad, they need to go to a page that delivers the content of what was promised in the ad.

4. Walk before you try to run! When you first begin using PPC ads, start slowly and somewhat cautiously until you really get the hang of it. You might choose to start with the most obvious keywords for your business. Later, after you have a few PPC ad campaigns under your belt, you can start to experiment with long tail keyword phrases.

5. Start with a good, basic understanding of your targeted audience. Your PPC ads need to be geared toward the demographic that will most likely be interested in your business and products. For instance, if you are selling geriatric walkers and other senior care products, your PPC ads should target this group of potential customers.

6. Have a clear understanding of how your targeted audience is searching for your product. There are basically three types of searchers:

a. Those who are browsing a category with no definite intent to buy

b. Those who are considering buying but want to shop around and compare products and brands

c. Those who have a definite intent to buy and already know exactly what they want to buy

These groups will search in different ways, so do some research on this subject to gain an understanding of searcher intent.

7. Track all of your PPC stats and pay attention to what they tell you. Some ads will have better success than others, which is the reason for A/B split testing. But you still need to track stats to see where you need to do some tweaking for best results.

PPC ads can help you grow your home dropship business or other ecommerce enterprise!

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