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Dropship Tips: Working at Home---Habits of Highly Effective People


If you have a work from home dropship business, you probably already understand how difficult it can sometimes be to stay focused and efficient, managing your time wisely and productively, so these tips that showcase some habits of highly effective people might be beneficial to you.

Working from home and being your own boss is awesome!

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The benefits and advantages are almost too numerous to mention, such as personal freedom and the financial freedom to basically write your own paycheck.

Still, as wonderful as it undoubtedly is, life is not always a fairy tale in the world of the average ecommerce entrepreneur working at a home business. When dark clouds gather over the heads of these free spirits, it is often due to poor organizational skills, lack of motivation and failure to manage time wisely.

Highly effective people know how to get past these stumbling blocks to success:

  • They know how to map out a path to success, and how to follow it even on the days when they don’t feel inclined to buckle down and work. Highly effective people know that even if they aren’t in the mood to work, once they go ahead and start applying themselves to a task that needs doing, this usually provides the stimulus to continue working.

  • They understand that “genius” is as Edison described it: 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration. Instead of depending on dumb luck, they create their own luck by hard work and an unwavering determination to succeed. They keep their eye on the ball and don’t allow themselves to be distracted by outside factors or the occasional adversity.

  • They understand that money is NOT what motivates people to be successful. Money itself is not a motivator. It is nothing more than the means to an end. What motivates us are the things we desire that can be obtained with money. Getting and having money for its own sake will not motivate anyone to be successful, and highly effective people realize this, and design their goals accordingly.

  • They know how to balance work and the rest of their lives. Highly effective people who work at home are well organized about their working hours, but they understand that they also need time for R&R and allow themselves time for making a life as well as making a living.

These are only a few of the habits of highly effective people with a home dropshipping business or other ecommerce enterprise, but if you adapt these tips to your own use, you will find them helpful!

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