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Email Marketing for your Home Dropship Business: What NOT to Do


email dropship sales marketingIf you have a home dropshipping business or other ecommerce website, you have probably at least considered doing some email marketing, and while it’s important to know what to do in order to for your email marketing to be effective, it’s equally important that you know what not to do!

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Here are some essential no-nos for email marketing:

  • A long, wordy subject line that is cut off in mid stream by the recipient’s email provider. This is a very bad idea! You want a subject line that is short and snappy, to the point and brief enough that it all fits in the subject line space of the email! Anything more than that will have a bad effect on your open rate.
  • A complicated, exceedingly long email with tons of distractions such as flash graphics and an inharmonious clash of colors and content. If you compose this type of email and send it out to those on your opt-in subscription list, you can count on having a lot of them opt-out of any future mailings. Everyone is in a hurry. Respect your email recipients’ time and get straight to the point!
  •  A pointless email that offers nothing of value to the reader. Who needs this? While it may be tremendously exciting to you that you have added a new employee or upgraded your office space, little tidbits of news like this will be nothing but bo-ring to the majority of your readers. Don’t send out emails to your subscribers unless and until you have something of value to offer them!
  •  A mishmash mess of misspelled words, bad grammar and confusing sentence structure. This is something that should never, ever happen! Besides being unprofessional in the extreme, it also makes you come across as a first class dummy. Would you want to do business with someone like that? Probably not. Neither will your readers. If you are unable to proofread and edit your emails yourself, hire it done for a nominal fee or recruit a friend or relative to do it for you. But regardless of how the proofreading and editing gets done---do it!

Avoid these few taboos and your email marketing efforts will meet with a lot more success!

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