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SEO for eBay: Increase Your Dropship Sales!


Are you using SEO best practices to increase your sales on eBay?

If the answer is no---you are missing out on a lot of sales and profits!

Many eBay sellers are completely unfamiliar with SEO. This is probably because as small “Mom and Pop” type sellers, they don’t consider themselves actual ecommerce merchants.

However, this is not true!

If you are a regular seller on eBay who depends on the income from eBay sales to help with living costs or other necessary expenditures, then don’t kid yourself….you have an online retail sales business and should conduct your eBay business accordingly.

This means that you should think of yourself as a bona fide business person, with eBay as your online store.

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Whether you are a large volume dropship seller on eBay, or a smallish operation that sells in lower volume, you can increase your sales dramatically by acquainting yourself with the basics of SEO and putting them into practice.

The first thing you should bear in mind is that the search engines, namely Google, do pick up eBay listings. The search engines rely on keywords to find the products you have for sale. So, by using SEO in your eBay listings, you are broadening your exposure and hence, your traffic!

This also applies to eBay searches by visitors.

Here are some tips for incorporating good SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, into your eBay listings to rev up sales:

  • Whenever possible, use the “Three Word Rule.” This simply means that it is best to use your three best keywords in the first three words of your auction title. For example, if you are selling a highly collectible vintage Playtex girdle, you might title your auction “Vintage Playtex Girdle Mint Condition New In Box Sz L.”

  • Use the 55 characters you are allotted for an eBay title wisely. In other words, use as many of your prime keywords in the title as you possibly can. You can check the eBay Pulse to see the most searched keywords within your niche.

  • Use keywords in your item description, too, but don’t stuff it with keywords. This is frowned on by the search engines.

Using SEO for your eBay listings can make a huge difference in your sales!

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