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Five Secrets of Successful Dropshippers


If you are dreaming of quitting your dead end, going-nowhere job and starting a home business in dropshipping that will provide you with personal and financial freedom, you might appreciate getting the skinny on how successful drop shippers are going about things!

Basically, the formula for success in dropship sales is simple and essentially the same as with any other type of business endeavor.

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Here are five timely tips that will help you build and maintain a thriving, profitable home business in online dropship sales:

1. Choose a good dropship product source! This is Numero Uno on the list of secrets to success in dropshipping, because you will only be as good as your product source. You need a company that stocks high quality products, ships securely and promptly, has low wholesale prices so you have a margin for profit, keeps you informed of inventory such as low stock notices, and more.

2. Invest a little extra time and rewrite the product descriptions. Yes, you can take the easy way out and just copy and paste descriptions straight from the dropship product source website, but you will be much better off to do them yourself. This sets you apart and above your competition selling the same products, for one thing.

3. Ditto for images! Take a bit of time to take your own photos of the products you well. This will involve buying one of each product, but it will be a good investment in terms of increased sales because you have more photos and more views of the product! Once the photo session is finished, you can sell the product or keep it for your own use, so it certainly isn’t a dead loss.

4. Use great SEO! SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can be your friend if you use it wisely. Be sure to include your best and most relevant keywords at strategic places on your website, in your descriptions, ALT tags for your images, etc. Your success in the world of ecommerce depends on being found by the search engines!

5. Provide excellent customer service! This is one of the most important secrets to success in any business. Remember the old sales axiom that has stood the test of time because it is true: Business goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s well treated.” Use SEO, advertising campaigns, social media marketing and whatever else you want to do to drive traffic to your website and after you acquire customers from this traffic---treat them well to keep them coming back for more!

These five secrets to success will be beneficial to you in your home dropshipping business!

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