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Blogging for Dollars: A Social Media Guide for Your Dropship Business

dropship business blogDid you know that having a blog for your dropship business as part of your social media strategy can greatly increase traffic and sales?

It’s true!

Blogs are right up there near the top of the social media pyramid when it comes to effectiveness.

Besides being a good social media tool and a way to interact with customers and potential customers, one of the best things about having a blog for your online dropship business is that if you go about it the right way, it will have a tremendous impact on your ranking with the search engines, including Google.

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Part of the reason for this is that several months ago, Google rolled out their real time search, which means that their search engine crawlers are constantly scouring the internet looking for fresh, up to the minute content.

When you have a business blog and update it on a regular and frequent basis, you are providing Google with the fresh, relevant content it wants, and you will be handsomely rewarded by seeing your business appear on the very first page in Google search results!

Needless to say, the higher your ranking in Google search, the higher your traffic will be and consequently---your sales and profits!

Creating and maintaining a business blog isn’t the least bit difficult.

Many entrepreneurs use WordPress. It’s free and absolutely loaded with great applications and plug-ins that make blogging easy and fun!

WordPress allows you to personalize your blog and choose a great looking design and layout.

Once you have your blog set-up, it’s time to think about content.

Bearing in mind that one of your primary reasons for blogging is to boost your rank in search results, you should pay attention to the SEO used for your blog.

The right keywords and SEO best practices are crucial to being picked up by the search engine crawlers.

Be sure to carefully check your spelling, grammar and typos. If you publish articles into the Blogosphere that are sloppy, misspelled and full of grammatical errors and typos, you will be seen as unprofessional.

Your blog articles don’t need to be long. On average, between 300-500 words is lengthy enough to say something worthwhile without losing a reader’s attention.

If you don’t already have one, start a blog today for your online dropship business as part of your social media strategy.

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