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Your Dropship Business: Finding the Best Wholesale Product Source

dropship home businessFinding the best wholesale product source for your online dropship business can mean the difference between success and failure…thriving or barely eking out an income….staying ahead of the competition or being left behind.

Even in these troubled economic times with a recession that seems to drag on and on, plus an almost 10% unemployment rate that stubbornly refuses to budge, money is still flowing freely through the internet pipeline!

Online retail consumer spending is projected by internet analysts to increase year by year, which is good news for all ecommerce entrepreneurs, with or without a dropship business.

However, regardless of how lucrative and steady the flow of online shoppers, if you do not have a great wholesale product source and are paying too high a price for the dropship products you sell---you are not going to benefit from e-tail sales as much as you should.

How does having a lousy wholesale product source affect you?

First of all, there is probably not a good selection of name brand, high quality products available for you to sell. Name brands may not make a whole lot of difference in some niches, but in many categories it’s the Name Game all the way and the dropship sellers who are offering products with a brand that is a household name will fare much better overall than the sellers trying to unload Brand X.

Even if the product source offers a fairly decent selection of name brand products, if you have to pay too much for them there is no way you will be as successful as you should be, or make as much money as you want to need to.

For example, let’s say you have a wholesale product source that has Sony flat screen televisions at a price to you of $400. Now, when you check on the same brand and model of TV on eBay, you see that other sellers have them for $375.

How can you compete with that?

You can’t.

Even if you were able to sell the televisions for $400, since that is the price you paid you won’t even break even after you absorb the cost of selling on eBay, Amazon, Overstock or even your own website.

So, you need a wholesale product source that will give you the best possible prices on high quality name brand products!

Drop Ship Access has over 1,500,000 popular products available for you to start selling now, with a low price guarantee that if you can get a better wholesale price somewhere else your money will be refunded!

Want to learn how to choose a great dropship niche? Download our FREE whitepaper today!

Your home dropship business can be a highly profitable enterprise if you are careful to choose a good wholesale product dropship source!

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