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SEO Tips for Google Instant That Will Help Your Dropship Business

Google Instant for dropship businessSince Google Instant came on the scene a few months ago, it has basically changed some of the existing tenets of SEO, so you might need some pointers about how to adapt in order to build your dropship business.

What is Google Instant?

For those of you who might not be familiar with Google Instant, here is a definition straight from the horses’ mouth, so to speak---from Google itself:

“Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. We are pushing the limits of our technology and infrastructure to help you get better search results, faster. Our key technical insight was that people type slowly, but read quickly, typically taking 300 milliseconds between keystrokes, but only 30 milliseconds (a tenth of the time!) to glance at another part of the page. This means that you can scan a results page while you type.”

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So, that’s what Google Instant is, but…..what does it mean in terms of keeping your dropship business ranking high in search?

It means that you must adapt your SEO and other things that have an impact on your search rankings with Google. This may end up being a case of adapt or die, because as any ecommerce entrepreneur knows; the higher you rank with Google the better off you are.

If you fall off the first page in Google search, it could be a steep climb back to the top!

What can you do to adapt your SEO and other strategies to be more compatible with the new Instant search?

Here are a few tips that should prove beneficial for you:

  • Because of the Google Instant Preview, which allows viewers to take a peek at your website before making the decision to actually go there, you may need to take a good look at your website’s first impression. The first impression that viewers get from your website is even more crucial than before due to the Google Instant Preview. Devote some time to sprucing it up to the max!

  • Work on your meta-descriptions and make them as good as they can get! A viewer using Google search will have to click on the little magnifying glass to preview your site, and the meta-descriptions will offer searchers an incentive to preview and then visit your website.

  • Make sure your alt tags are descriptive! This will be quite helpful when images pop up on Google for a particular keyword.

  • Your header tags are essential! Viewers probably won’t be able to read all of the text, but they will almost certainly be able to read the larger items in the header. The information they get from your header may make the difference between previewing your website and moving on---or visiting.

Use these tips to help maximize Google Instant to help increase traffic and sales in your dropship business.

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