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Choose a Niche Product Suitable for Dropshipping


Before settling on a niche, stop and make sure that the products will be suitable for dropshipping.

In theory, almost everything is suitable for dropshipping. But in reality, some items simply do not lend themselves well to being dropshipped.

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For example, although there might be a large enough potential customer base for certain breeds of puppies, would you really consider a puppy suitable for dropship sales?

Or, along similar lines, people buy automobiles every day in most corners of the world. But, are cars and SUVS truly a good niche for dropshipping?

You get the idea.

One of the greatest things about a home dropship business is that you don’t incur the hassle of buying and storing packaging and shipping supplies---a not inconsiderable expense---or the logistics of actually preparing the items you sell for shipping, and then schlepping them to the post office or UPS location.

If you choose a reputable dropship source, such as Drop Ship Access, all of the above will be taken care of for you!

Still, even though your dropshipping product source is doing all of the packaging and shipping, there are some items that simply won’t work. Dropship suppliers are aware of this, so even if you did want to try and use dropshipping to sell Great Dane puppies, you wouldn’t be able to find a dropship source who could help you with that.

So, when choosing a niche for dropshipping, be realistic about the feasibility of selling certain products!

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