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Dropship Product Tips: Mastering SEO


Certainly, being in the top 10 rankings for all major searches does happen, but very few sites really do accomplish this, and sometimes the effort to do so can go far beyond what is reasonable and worth the effort.

It is said that search optimization never rests, so even if a top ten ranking is achieved, the results change every week due to competition, so staying on top would entail the constant monitoring of information.

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Preparing for a search engine marketing campaign involves the choosing of the right keywords, the analysis of competition and education on what site submission is and other strategies.  The keywords you choose should include the dropship products or other products you are selling.

It is also important to know when to monitor your search engine ranking, how to look at and how to objectively analyze your results (traffic and conversion) and what common mistakes should be avoided.

Additionally, in preparation for SEO, it is important to understand how the search engines operate. The vast majority of search engines rely on a few basic functions in order to provide results for those who are searching for information.

Here are a few of those functions:

  1. Web Crawling - An automated program that basically “crawls” through the World Wide Web. The words “bots” or “spiders” are sometimes associated with this process.

  2. Document Indexing – After a page has been “crawled”, it can then be stored in a document database that is the search engine’s index.

  3. Requests for Information – Sometimes known as “queries” that hit the search engine. The search engine then searches through its index and finds everything that matches the request.

  4. Viewing and Ranking Results – A process in which the search engine, after it has determined the match results, runs an algorithm calculation for each result and decides which are most relevant to the request. The information is then presented to the searcher in order of relevance.

The next and logical question is “How do search engines go about determining relevancy”?

The logical answer is that relevancy is determined through an algorithm the search engine employs. Although the search engines strive to keep this information confidential, there are some general rules that are followed, such as:

  1. The location and the frequency of keywords on a web page.

  2. The proximity of the keywords to the top of a web page.

  3. The frequency with which the keywords appear on a web page, especially close to the top of a web page

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