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Dropship Business Tips: Do SEO In House or Outsource?


A key decision to be made in the creation and implementation of SEO has to do with whether to handle the process in house or hire a third party to do the work.

There are advantages in doing your own SEO for your dropship business or other online business, besides the obvious advantage of cost.

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Among these are having complete control over all aspects of the site’s development and progress and being able to learn what is successful and what doesn’t work.

However, SEO is very definitely a long-term commitment of time and effort. Some parts of the process can be difficult and search engines can be slow in responding to changes that might ultimately prove successful. For this reasons consideration should be given to using a professional SEO if you don’t feel capable of doing the job yourself.

SEO professionals provide a history of varied experiences, might have contacts that are useful and can be depended upon to diagnose and fix possible problems and issues having to do with ranking. Although the SEO professional can generally be expected to cost more money up front, there is a distinct possibility that the project can be completed in less time, and with better results, than a DIY attempt at SEO.

If uncertainty prevails on which route to take, be aware that a balance can be achieved by taking part of the project yourself, and hiring an SEO consultant who will charge an hourly rate and provide assistance as requested.

However, if you do decide to go with a professional SEO, make sure that your choice is a well educated one as the SEO industry has a reputation of attracting those who cannot be trusted and are not honest. In particular, during the process of choosing a firm, be aware of those who offer link exchanges and “free-for-all” links and beware of overly aggressive tactics such as manipulation and search spam, both of which can result in a ban from search engines, which would be a full-fledged disaster.

Here are some examples of pertinent questions to ask of any firm or individual whom you are considering hiring to take care of your SEO:

Following are some useful questions to ask a potential SEO provider:

  • Do you always follow the accepted and approved Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  • What results should I expect and in what time frame? How much experience do you have in the field of SEO?
  • What do you consider to be your most important SEO techniques?
  • How long have you been in business as an SEO consultant/expert?
  • How will I communicate with you?
  • Will you be sharing all of the changes you might make to my website, as well as providing information about your recommendations and why you make those recommendations?

The final bit of advice to keep in mind in implementing SEO is to keep in mind that a huge amount of patience is required for this. In order to have a web site with a strong ranking, build a strong foundation that follows these rules:

  • Offer content that is different and unique.
  • Build links and relationships with those in other online communities
  • Use discretion when presenting information; avoid display ads and pop-ups.
  • Pay diligent attention to website quality and the success of various promotions.
  • Know the guidelines by which you can determine the success, or failure, of your efforts.
  • Whether you do the SEO yourself or seek a third party provider, make sure the foundation is there, along with a clear understanding of what needs to happen over what period of time.


Oh, this is a great information too keep our entrepreneurs in good health. 
Thanks a lot.
Posted @ Friday, November 04, 2011 10:52 AM by Jeane - tienda de ciclismo
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