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What Google’s New Algorithm Means to Your Wholesale Dropship Business

SEO Google dropshipIf you have a wholesale dropship ecommerce business, you might be aware of Google’s newest algorithm, without being sure if or how it will affect your website.

First of all, it really isn’t a question of “if” this new algorithm will affect your website. No doubt about it---it definitely will.

Now, the next big question you may have is how your website will be affected by this change in the biggest search engine filtering algorithm.

Google’s newest update has been nicknamed “Panda Update” and is not only the talk of the blogosphere but the subject of much discussion anywhere and everywhere people are interested in the state of the World Wide Web, online and off.

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According to the word handed down from Google itself, the purpose of the new search algorithm was to improve and enhance search in general, with the basic targets being content mills and spam/aggregator sites.

What is a content mill?

In the online community, a content mill is one that cranks out scads of very low quality short articles, nothing more than ads, poorly written and using deplorable language skills in most cases.

To Google, these content mills are much the same as puppy mills are to qualified, responsible dog breeders.

So, if you have been buying $1 apiece articles from these content mills and stuffing your website with them, you can take it to the bank that the new Google algorithm will affect your website’s search ranking.

And if this is the case, that will probably be just about all you’ll be taking to the bank, since if viewers can’t find your online business, they won’t be buying from you.

Based on recent internet research, the newest algorithm has affected approximately 12% of search queries.

If you have noticed a decline in website traffic lately and are concerned that your dropship website might be adversely affected, you can check your website’s search ranking here: Check Your Search Ranking

Check out Google’s new algorithm and make sure your wholesale dropship business is up to speed!

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