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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Get Repeat Drop Ship Customers

drop ship business good serviceDid you know that by making an effort to cultivate repeat customers, you could drastically increase sales for your drop ship business?

Calculating and predicting the value of repeat customers is nothing new.

Many mail order businesses and shopping companies on TV have been using customer behavior to predict the Lifetime Value and loyalty of customers for more than 40 years.

There are some extremely detailed and complicated tables and formulas you can use to help predict Lifetime Value of a repeat customer, but for all practical purposes, the main thing is just to focus on trying to build a healthy repeat customer base.

Repeat customers are a good thing.


Think about it. Here is a customer who has already visited your dropship business and is hopefully on your email subscription list, so marketing to this repeat customer is a piece of cake.

You will have to spend less money on advertising for repeat customers as opposed to the amount necessary to get new business.

You have their information, you know their buying habits, and they already know who you are----when you market to repeat customers you’re working smarter, not harder!

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Now, what are some ways you can encourage customers to become loyal, repeat customers? Here are a few tips that may help build a good, solid repeat customer base for your drop ship business:

  • Have a Customer Loyalty program. You might take a look at Drugstore.com and their repeat customer program. For every dollar you spend with them, you earn money that can be applied to a future purchase. Gymboree, a well known children’s clothing company, does the same thing with their “Gym Bucks” incentive program. People respond very well to this type of incentive and it’s a great way to build loyalty and keep customers coming back for more.

  • Actively solicit email subscribers to your opt-in list. This way, you have their permission to send marketing newsletters, let them know about special sales, contests and promotions, etc.

  • Keep track of who buys what. For example, if someone buys pool chemicals from you, there is a really good chance that same person will need pool chemicals again the next season. So, contact them with a special “Repeat Customer” discount on pool chemicals and other accessories commonly purchased for swimming pools.

  • The best rule for getting repeat customers is to treat your new customers well, and your repeat customers even better. Make the shopping experience as fast, easy and efficient as you possibly can. Nothing helps to garner repeat customers as much as making a good first impression.

So, be sure to build a great repeat customer base for your drop ship business, and watch your profits grow!

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