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eBay Dropshippers: How to Make More Money

ebay dropshippersAlthough one must admit that it’s getting progressively harder for eBay dropshippers as well as other sellers to make money, there are a few ways to increase sales and income.

Fees continue to rise. So, what can you do? Be proactive! You can’t just sit back and let the winds of eBay blow you around like a tumble weed, this way and that, while your profits trickle through your fingers more and more with each fresh policy change and fee increase.

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How can you be proactive? There are some things you can do that will help you run a tighter eBay ship and hopefully make a bit more money. For example, take advantage of some of the free services for sellers offered by eBay:

  • Traffic and Sales Reports: These services for eBay sellers with a store subscription can be tremendously helpful by allowing you to see which items have the most views and highest sell through rates, the average price of your items sold, when your peak traffic days are, how viewers are finding you, which of your keywords are producing the most views, and much more.

  • Email Marketing and Promotional Flyers: Build an opt-in email subscription list and make sure it is updated and sent out weekly, or more often if you have new items or are having a promotion or sale. You can create a promotional flyer, print copies and include in your packages as items are sold.

  • Promote Similar Items: This is a great tool and should help you make more money on eBay! When you do this, your similar items will be shown on watched item alerts and lists, end of auction/sales notices to buyers and bidders who missed out on an item, open items across all formats. You can reach literally thousands of potential customers this way.

  • Markdown Manager: Yet another great tool to help increase your profits! People in general love a sale! Using Markdown Manager, you can automatically mark down your selected items by a certain percentage of your choosing. The item is then clearly marked as being on sale and will catch the eye of many a roving shopper. You can go a step further and use the word "SALE!" or "CLEARANCE!" At the beginning of your titles. Again, a great attention getter!

There are sellers making many thousands of dollars a month as eBay dropshippers, and if you use these tips, you can make more money, too!

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