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A Trick to Making More Ecommerce Dropship Sales

dropship trickWouldn’t you like to know a dandy trick that would increase sales in your ecommerce dropship business?

Well, there is one little thing you can do that is sure to boost your sales and improve your conversion rate: Streamline your checkout process!

Okay, so it’s not really a trick, but it does work!

Why does having a slow or glitchy checkout process have an adverse effect on your dropship sales? Simply because people are in a hurry. Everyone is busy, busy, busy and internet research has shown that online shoppers are notoriously impatient.

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If your site, particularly your checkout, is clunky and inefficient with glitches that make the process slow, you can count on losing a lot of customers at this point in the sales funnel.

This seems such a shame and a complete waste of all the work it took to move visitors along the sales process right down to the final step---checkout. If you drop the ball there, the game is over and you lost!

Here are a few tips to help you make sure your checkout process is smooth and speedy:

  • Don’t ask for too much information up front. Sure you want birthdays, email addresses and other info for your marketing emails, but these things are secondary to your primary objective of making the sale. First things first! If a viewer has a product in his or her cart, the first thing you want to do is nail that purchase down with credit or debit card information, Paypal login or whatever payment method you accept. Once the purchase is complete and the widget is paid for, then ask for extraneous info such as birthdays and opt-in permission for your email marketing subscription list.

  • Do show the visitor what is in their shopping cart. This includes price, a size, color, title and product number if all of these are applicable. Allow the shopper to edit the cart. It is amazing how many online merchants don’t do this and it is bound to be costing them plenty of sales. Give the shopper the option of deleting, adding to or changing the size and/or color of anything in their shopping cart without being forced to go back to the product pages and then be forced to start the entire checkout process all over again because they decided they wanted two pair of wool hunting socks instead of one. This is frustrating, and frustrated shoppers are prone to exit your website without completing the purchase.

  • If your checkout process involves more than one page, use visual breadcrumbs to plainly show them where they are in the checkout process. This way, they have an idea how many more hoops they will have to jump through in order to complete a purchase. This is infinitely preferable to keeping them guessing.

These tips can help improve sales in your online dropship business!

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