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Dropship Tips: 5 Free Twitter Tools for Social Media Marketing

Twitter dropship businessIf you have a dropship or other ecommerce business, you are hopefully using social media marketing and can put a few free Twitter tools to good use!

Twitter is a dynamic, extremely popular social media site with millions of users. Ecommerce entrepreneurs just like you are leveraging the power of social media on sites such as Twitter and Facebook to build their businesses and brands.

You can, too!

It isn’t rocket science, but taking advantage of some of the free tools available on the goldmine known as the World Wide Web…so rich in resources that won’t cost you a penny….will make your job of marketing your dropship business even easier.

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Here are 5 FREE Twitter Tools for you:

1. TwitterMail: This free service is a timesaver! You can send an email and it will be posted as a tweet. There are other perks to this service, too. You can post longer messages and also post images to Twitpic via email.

2. TwitScoop: This one lets you both send and receive Tweets, plus find new Twitter friends instantly, all without reloading the page. It also has other neat features such as allowing you to search and follow to keep up with what’s happening on Twitter in real time.

3. Twitter Grader: This free service is a handy toll indeed for ecommerce entrepreneurs! It allows you to grade the power of your Twitter profile compared to millions of other profiles that have also been graded. This can help give you an inkling of how influential---or not---you are on Twitter.

4. Retweet Rank:  Another handy little free tool to help you find out your own or a competitor’s retweet rank. This could be very useful information for you regarding your own Twitter presence because if you aren’t getting retweeted much, that tells you there is a problem with your Tweets that needs to be addressed. Regarding your enemies, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them. If their retweet rank is considerably higher than yours, maybe you should be a copycat and do whatever it is they’re doing.

5. Qwitter: A great free service! This one emails a notification when you get un-followed. This is useful information!

Use these 5 free Twitter tools to enhance your social media marketing efforts for a dropship business.

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Now, Social Media Marketing has become the part of internet marketing process. To be ahead of the competition, one should require to promote their business using twitter in a ways that it looks professional and more engaging.
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Great information for me as I'm the new user of Twitter.. 
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