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eBay Dropshippers: How to Make Money & List Products That Sell!


ebay dropshippers make moneyYou may have heard time and again that eBay dropshippers can’t make any money.

This is not true!

In fact, there are many dropship sellers making a killing on eBay, and you can, too---if you know how to go about it.

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As with any other endeavor, there will be the naysayers who are all gloom and doom; insisting that nobody can make any money with dropship products on eBay because they didn’t.

The thing is, no matter what you set out to do in life, there are those who succeed and those who fail. Which category you fall into…winners or losers….is up to you and you alone.

Just because someone else was a miserable failure at selling on eBay doesn’t mean that you will be. 99% of the time, people fail due to their own actions, or lack of action.

If one person sets out to do something and fails, or even if 10 people set out to do that same thing and they all fail, it doesn’t automatically follow that the 11th person will fail, too.

In order to list products that sell on eBay, do your homework before you get started. Here are a few tips toward joining the successful eBay drop shippers:

  • Choose products that people want or need to buy. How do you know what these products are? This is where doing your homework comes in. Google the products you are considering selling….check them our on eBay and Amazon…find out if these are things with a big enough target market to be a profitable niche. The Ebay Pulse will show you various categories and the hottest searched for and watched items within those categories.


  • Take the time to write great descriptions! It’s astonishing how many eBay sellers think that merely repeating the auction title is enough of a description. It isn’t! Make your descriptions sing. Romance them to make your products sound fantastic and include a loud, clear call to action at the end. So what if it’s an auction? You have to ask for the sale! Sellers who put this principle to good use will outsell those who don’t by a country mile!


  • Post excellent images! If at all possible, take your own photos instead of using the stock images from your wholesale dropship product source. Include several different views---front, back, side, top, bottom---whatever provides a shopper with the very best images of the product you want them to buy. Remember that contrary to shopping in real-time, online shoppers can’t actually see, touch or hold the product. So, it’s imperative that you furnish great images!


  • Reassure potential buyers that you are trustworthy. Fear of being ripped off by a scam artist on eBay and other online venues is what causes a lot of internet shoppers to back away instead of committing to buy. You might offer a Return Policy or refer them to your excellent feedback if you have accrued plenty of that, or just plainly tell them that their satisfaction is your goal. It doesn’t matter as much what you say to assure shoppers that you’re on the up-and-up, as long as you get the message across.

These tips can help you count yourself among the many successful eBay dropshippers!

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When you bear in mind that non-payment/delivery of goods sold or bought—whether from online auctions or not—is the most common cybercrime as reported to the IC3 in 2010, and by all accounts occurs about 25,000 times each month, it is not surprising then that you can easily be scammed. 
However, you can protect yourself. 
A very good friend of mine was seriously scammed late last year and has since done extensive research into how you defend yourself against scammers and fraudsters. She reports that she found the solution. 
These days she INSISTS on using a legitimate online escrow service for transactions of value. It's amazing, she tells me, how fast the scammers scramble for the hills when you refuse to listen to reasons why you shouldn't use this service (bona fide) but instead use another (fraudulent). It's like a litmus test, she says, it really exposes the scammers. 
Her new motto is: When in doubt--escrow. She swears by it. 
But, how do you tell the legitimate escrow site from the fraudulent? 
First of all, the legitimate site is always secure, and therefore will display “https” (for secure http) on your browser’s URL line. If the site does not, abandon it. Also, the legitimate site will post a physical address and a working phone number, allowing you to talk directly to the staff. 
The legitimate site will always display their licenses and accreditations, which you can then verify with the applicable state(s), and they can and will, on request, give you names and contacts of satisfied customers, whom you can then call to verify legitimacy. 
Posted @ Sunday, June 19, 2011 9:52 PM by Ulf Wolf
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