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Time Management Tips for Your Ecommerce Home Dropship Business

time management tips ecommerce dropship home businessWhile there is no doubt that working at home in your own ecommerce dropship business is great, you need to be wary about the things that can cause you to waste time and consequently spend entirely too many hours in your home office doing what you would have gotten done in far less time if you had managed your time wisely.

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Time wasters are one of the biggest traps for those with a home business and if you let these things that distract you from the business of making money too much, you will soon find yourself behind the eight ball.

Here are some tips to help you manage your time in the running of your dropship home business:

  • Make a schedule. Don’t just tell yourself what you plan to get done each day---write it down. Research has shown that those who write down what they intend to get accomplished are 90% more likely to actually get these things done. This is a pretty convincing argument for putting your schedule and Things To Do list in black and white!

  • Be realistic about how long it will take you to do the tasks you have set for yourself. Optimism is a wonderful thing, but delusion is something else entirely. For example, if you have several pages of fresh content to write for your website or a couple of blog articles to write for your dropship business blog, be honest with yourself about the length of time you should allocate for these jobs. If you set unrealistic schedules, you are apt to get discouraged when you fall behind and wind up throwing in the towel and not sticking to your schedule at all.

  • Just say no. If you find yourself constantly being roped into activities that cut into your scheduled working hours---don’t be a yes person. When the president of the PTO or your son’s Cub Scout den mother calls wanting you to volunteer time for some event that conflicts with your working hours, explain to them that you have to work at that particular day and time but would love to help when you aren’t working. People have a tendency to think of those who work at home as being perpetually available and it is your job to educate them. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing everything but laying the eggs for the school Easter Egg Hunt.

Managing your time wisely in an ecommerce dropship home business will make for a less stressful lifestyle for you, besides improving the state of your finances!

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