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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Use Daily Deals to Boost Sales


If you are looking for a new way to boost your dropship or other ecommerce sales, you might consider using Daily Deals!

Daily Deals are the new wave on the internet and many e-tail merchants, including eBay, are offering Daily Deals to entice customers to their website. Some websites are all about Daily Deals and nothing else. Living Social, for example, is one such site that is relatively new but has built up a massive base of subscribers in a very short period of time. The same applies to Groupon. Cool Savings is using Daily Deals and many local newspapers as well. Walmart has jumped on the Daily Deals band wagon, too.

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Here are some stats from emarketer about Daily Deals:

  • Users of both sites are more educated than Internet users in general.
  • 57 percent of Groupon users, and 51 percent of LivingSocial users, are in the prime homeowner age groups of 35 to 64.
  • Nearly two-thirds of visitors to both sites are female.
  • Daily deal users tend to skew toward affluent. A separate study, by Nielsen, found visitors to LivingSocial 49 percent more likely than the average U.S. Internet user to earn $150,000 or more, while Groupon's users were 30 percent more likely.
A chart from Foresee that breaks things down:

dropship ecommerce daily deals chart
Why are Daily Deals so popular? In a nutshell, these promotions appeal to those who love to get in on special deals and save money. In these days of continuing high unemployment, outrageous fuel prices and escalating costs of everything else---that group of people is huge!

So, how could you incorporate Daily Deals into your dropship sales?

Here are a couple of tips to help you get started:

  • Bundled Deals: Bundled deals are hot! A bundled deal is where you offer an accessory or coordinating product as a go-with for another product at a cheaper price than buying each item as a stand alone purchase. For example, if your niche is electronics and you are dropship selling DVD players, you might offer a DVD player along with a DVD cleaner or cleaning kit.


  • Loss Leaders: Daily Deals are great loss leaders! A loss leader is a product that you sell at a rock bottom price for the purpose of attracting traffic to your dropship website or eBay dropship products. You might not make any profit on this item, so it doesn’t need to be anything pricey like a Plasma TV, but the whole idea of a loss leader is that you go into it knowing you won’t male a lot of money on it; just hoping it will drive traffic and then visitors will go on to buy other of your items.

If you are only dropship selling one product, you would probably need to offer more of a selection of products in order to run Daily Deals. It would be best to stick to items within your niche but isn’t strictly necessary.

Try using Daily Deals to drive traffic to your ecommerce dropship website and boost sales!

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